Belle Cat, Whiskers on my Mat, 5 STARS Readers Favorite Review via @PatFurstenberg #bookreview, #5stars, #BelleCat #cat #story #kidslit

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Belle Cat, Whiskers on my Mat, 5 STARS Readers Favorite Review #bookreview, #5stars #cat #story #kidslit

Belle Cat: Whiskers On My Mat by Patricia Furstenberg is the heartwarming story of a human family and a cat. Belle, the tabby cat, was adopted by a family after she was found injured following being hit by a car. Though she was badly injured and the shelter man said she had no chance and would never heal, the family took her home. When Belle reached home, everyone was delighted and they found immense joy in watching her drinking milk, bending graciously over the plate, sitting poised in front of the dish, hearing her soothing purr, and the feel of her silky, warm fur.

This book is definitely a must-read and must-have for all cat lovers and owners. The author makes the verses attractive with adorable and charming photographs of the cat, adding to the aesthetic feel of the book. The images are gorgeous and they make the verses tangible to readers. It is a good book for poetry reading in classrooms as it gives information to children about cats in an engaging way that will make them want to observe cats whenever they see them. There are a lot of facts about cats that readers will learn once they read about Belle. The Fun-tastic Cat Facts at the end of the book and other interesting facts about cats make this book entertaining and fun. Readers, both adults and children, will start observing cats more closely after reading this book.” (Review by Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite)

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Readers' Favorite FIVE STARS Book Review
Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS Book Review