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Bones Celebration, Halloween Haiku via @PatFurstenberg #haiku #halloween

Bloodcurdling, spooky,

White bones jingle, fangs emerge.

Bones celebration.


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German Pointer Dog

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Haiku-San, Cat, #Haiku #Sunday #HaikuSan via @PatFurstenberg

Cat, a Sunday Haiku: Haiku-San

Lamp posts of my heart

She crawled under my blanket.

She’s under my skin.


For your coffee break or afternoon tea you can find more Haiku in my new book of poetry, As Good AS Gold or you might enjoy Belle’s story, Belle Cat.

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As Good As Gold is also available as e-book, paperback and Large Print, a dyslexia friendly edition: Amazon UK, Amazon US 

I chose the name Haiku-San as it derives from Haiku, meaning unusual verse in Japanese (hai=unusual, ku=verse, strophe) and San, the honorific Japanese title when speaking about people. San is also the phonetic transcription of the first syllable of the English word Sunday, Sun-day hence Haiku-San, a Sunday feature on Alluring Creations involving Haiku I write.

Text and Haiku-San © Patricia Furstenberg.

(Image courtesy Mikhail Vasilyev, free on Unsplash)

I hope you enjoyed my haiku. Let me know your thoughts in comment below.

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