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Belle Cat, Whiskers on my mat – Publication Day

Belle Cat, Whiskers on my mat by Patricia Furstenberg
Belle Cat, Whiskers on my mat by Patricia Furstenberg

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What would you do if a kitty needed you?

When a stray cat, lost and hurt, is given a second chance she grabs it with all of her… paws!
Based on a true love story between a cat and her human, told with compassion and humor.
Insightful images of the real cat Belle are included to support this poem.
Additional fun, educational chapters:

  •  “Did you know? Fun-tastic cat facts” – Interesting cat facts for young and old.
  • “Say what? What is a cat’s tail saying?” – Understand the secret language cats and kittens use by moving their tails.
  • “How to… Tracking pet cats” – Just like the big cats, house cats leave footprints everywhere! Be a pet detective in your own back yard.
    True story, pet rescue.

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