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Christmas time and winter holidays are the perfect season to curl up with a mug of hot chocolate and marshmallows and a magical book.

Cuddle up with your child and travel together to a magical land where sweet dreams, good friends and snowy adventures!

Little Tail and the Snow: “Imaginative way of bringing nature to life. Makes you think of all those little precious things around us we take for granted every day. Lovely depictions.”





Little Tail Meets BlueHow much do you enjoy snow? THAT much? Then you’re just like Little Tail, the adventurous dog who went far and away looking for it. What else will he find in that snowed up, frosty forest?




The Blue Forest: “Excellent! I teach children to speak and read English! They love these books! They are fun and informative as well!”

“You simply have to read about this Winter Wonderland!”




Will Little Tail, the friendly dog with a red tuft at the end of his tail, have another chance to frolic in the snow with his friend? He will have to wait to find out. Daylight casts new shadows over the forest trees and things look different than they were during night time.




  Little Tail might be a small dog by size, but he’s a brave little dog. What else has he discovered up North? Friend or foe? He soon learns that it is better to listen when being spoken to – even if a tiny bird addresses you.




Little Tail has to make a choice and there is a risk that he will be chased out of his cozy burrow and in the heart of winter , if the old rhyme proves to be right. But if he doesn’t offer his help a stranger might perish!

I really enjoyed this book about Little Tail the dog. He is such a great character, who is very kind.
This is a wonderful book to teach children about helping others and friendship.


You can read all of these book and more in HAPPY FRIENDS, available in paperback, kindle and LARGE PRINT from Amazon:

“Enid Blyton style.

Happy Friends has everything you want in a children’s book! It will make your child laugh, smile, stoke their imagination and set them on the right track for sweet dreams!
As well as all this, the book shares valuable life lessons, traditional values, installs empathy, and positivity too!
It is a fun yet deep book which I believe every child should own!

All of these books and more are part of the “HAPPY FRIENDS” collection: “Patricia Furstenberg’s collection of twelve stories, Happy Friends, is a classic collection of stories to charm and to teach young readers the value of life and the value of good friends. Each of the twelve stories stands on its own, but each story interacts with the next as the plot thickens. The individual stories become Little Tail’s journey of discovery as he leaves his home and friends, only to discover that Snow might be interesting, but so are his friends back home.

For as “The Book of Life” says, and is often quoted in Happy Friends, “The time spent in the company of friends will, more than once, become part of our most cherished memories, staying with us for the rest of our lives.” Happy Friends is a treasure to be enjoyed and shared over and over again”(Reader’s Favorite Book Review)”

Snowflake, #Christmas #Haiku via @PatFurstenberg

Snowflake, Christmas Haiku

It falls, slides with joy

A dream? Longed for, urged, wished, hoped!

Winter’s first present.


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My little girl loves dogs so she really enjoyed listening to the poems as they really were lots of fun and designed to make you smile.” (Rae Reads)

I’d recommend As Good as Gold to fans of poetry and books about dogs in general. It’s a great read for people of all ages.” (Book reviews by Jasmine)

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