A Story for the Oldest Door of Corvin Castle Transylvania

A 100-word Story for the Oldest Door of Corvin Castle, Transylvania, by Patricia Furstenberg.
They chopped the oaks during full-of-the-moon.

Corvin Castle, Window Slits and Telling Rocks, 100-Word Story #Im4Ro

At Corvin Castle to gaze at its window slits and telling rocks, a 100-word story. If only these windows could speak. Are you be prepared to listen?

Corvin Castle, Kinda Historical Doors #Im4Ro

The solitary Corvin Castle hides many secrets and legends, all guarded by historical doors. A Gothic – Renaissance fortress built to inspire

An Ancient Door, Corvin Castle, Romania #Im4Ro

The visit to the ancient door of Corvin Castle or Hunedoara Castle in Romania takes us through a short history of knocking on doors and a look at some magnificent coat of arms.

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