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My new book As Good as Gold, A dog’s life in poems was released just a few weeks ago as eBook and paperback and it enjoyed many wonderful blogger’s attention during a five day powerful and uplifting blog tour.

Here are some of lovely comments As Good as Gold received:

As Good As Gold by Patricia Furstenberg
As Good As Gold by Patricia Furstenberg

“I have a confession to make. I’m not much of a dog lover. I’m more a cat person so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy As Good As Gold, celebrating dogs. I needn’t have worried. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming collection of verse and as a result of reading it I think I understand dogs so much better.” @Lindahill50Hill on her blog,Linda’s Book Bag

“Patricia has caught the canine personality beautifully in her poems.” @LoveBooksGroup on Love Books Group blog.

“We enjoyed reading through all the poems and seeing the adorable pup photos with each one.” @J_Mischenkoblogging at Read Rant RockAndRoll

“These are beautiful poems to be read with a child, by a child or as a pet loving adult. There is something for everyone to relate to.” @susanhampson57 on her blog Books From Dusk Till Dawn

“a lovely book. I think it would appeal to any dog lover or animal lover, children and adults alike.” @ShortBookScribe blogging at Short Book And Scribes

“Many people are put off poetry as they find it inaccessible and this is why this book of poems is such a pleasure to read, each one uses words and images we all know.” @Walescrazy on her blog Books Are My Cwtches

“I always enjoy reading Patricia’s books not just because they centre on dogs but because she always manages to capture their personality as they grow and find their way.” @mgriffiths163 for @JenMedBkReviews blogging at JenMedsBookReviews

My favourite poem is “As Pink as a Puppy’s Tongue” because it has a pug in it and pugs are my favourite dog. This is a very good book.” review by a young boy reader at @x2mum on blogmumjd

“I particularly liked the haikus at the end. It’s quite a challenge to write a haiku with its strict rules but the author has managed this beautifully with each a small complete story and still from a puppy’s point of view.” @portybelle ‏ blogging at Portobello Bookblog

“This book is a pure delight to read! It is uplifting, positive and a pleasure to read and as a dog lover it warmed my heart” @dmmaguire391 blogging at Donnasbookblog

“All of these poems are so incredible and I truly hope that readers everywhere will check out this new release by Patricia Furstenberg. She continues to prove herself as an outstanding writer and her words truly make the world a happier and more beautiful place!” @jenthomason1109 on her blog Dandelions Inspired Blog

“I really enjoyed seeing all things from snowflakes and autumn leaves, to other creatures in the garden, through all these dog’s eyes. What we consider normal and everyday for our puppies and our older dogs, may not be so ordinary and normal. Maybe we could learn from the excitement of our dogs, a new “wonder” in all the things around us.”@Haydnsgrammie for @ReviewThisSites at Review This Reviews

this could be easily used in a classroom reading a poem a day and using this as a discussion to talk about feelings and emotions too. Children will love seeing the world through a puppies eyes .@ggilly47on her blog gilly918

“My little girl loves dogs so she really enjoyed listening to the poems as they really were lots of fun and designed to make you smile. Then there is the lovely addition of photos of both dogs and puppies that we both loved” @Rae_Reads1blogging at raereads1.blogspot

“I’d recommend As Good as Gold to fans of poetry and books about dogs in general. It’s a great read for people of all ages.” @pixyjazz on her blog Book Reviews By Jasmine

“The well-written poems with vivid imagery are enjoyable, entertaining, and uplifting. This brilliant poetry book is one that dog-lover parents and their children will not want to miss.” @singlibbooks on her blog Singing Librarian Books

“This is a charming collection of ‘doggy’ verse with an extensive range of other animals and nature included, as well as some delightful haiku at the end.” @JuliaThumWrites blogging at Julia Thum

You can purchase As Good as Gold from Amazon worldwide:

As Good as Gold eBook: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon worldwide

As Good as Gold paperback: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon worldwide

As Good as Gold Large Print and dyslexia friendly: Amazon UK, Amazon US

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