In the News: Expat Life Chat, Steve Allison and Patricia Furstenberg Podcast #Im4Ro

Listen below and do click on the little heart if you liked it – it starts with a 100-word story created especially for the show…

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Steve Allison and I chatted on Thursday LIVE on Expat Life about… woods and storms, Bucharest and incredible sight-seeings in this beautiful city. We chatted about mountains… and the Black Forest where Danube’s source is… Europe, Russia and Estonia and what was written on a wall… fun stories from my travels as a youth… France and Serbia.

Yes, 1 Leu coffee and pretzels, covrigi, school and family, childhood all over Romania… the way words find their way into one’s life – through theater, games and writing… We talked about mazes and what they symbolize…

Then music! How we could have left music out – jazz and memories of the regretted and incredible Anca Parghel, the nightingale of Romanian jazz-world… Laptaria lui Enache – that once upon a time was the best bar-jazz of the new 21st century… and Vama Veche band with Tudor Chirila and old Bulandra… How music unites generations – through a very specific story.

Books, how else, we discuss dogs in books, and how blogging reflects an author’s interests… and a hashtag! #Im4Ro.

Steve Allison is the big heart and talent behind the LIVE Radio Sow ‘Expat Life‘ powered by the beautiful people from Radio Guerrilla, Bucharest, Romania.

I owe a great deal of gratitude to Steve for spotting my work and inviting me on ‘Expat Life’. I loved every minute of it – jitters and all!

What happened right before going LIVE on Expat Life

All was set to join Steve LIVE on the Thursday the 9th of December at 7pm. We’ve had a test drive the day before and my connection was spotless, my headphones shiny, my emotions under control.

Come Thursday morning, we wake up to a major power failure here in South Africa. Turned out that around 1am diggings happened… and power cables have been cut to be sold for their Copper content. But good people were already at work and electricity was expected to be restored by 5pm.

Only that this time around the area affected was the widest ever… 5:30pm we were still without power and my trusted (old) laptop showed less than one hour of battery-life left. Time for plan B… which didn’t work. Luckily we had a Plan C in place – and so I managed to join Steve LIVE on ‘Expat Life.

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  1. What more can I say? I really enjoyed Expat Life yesterday. Looking forward to listening to the first half.

  2. I listened to the first part yesterday… I haven’t missed that much since you were a bit late. Now I know about your surname and the castle in the Black Forest. So let me get this straight: your ancestors were royalty??! Oh, and thanks to you I discovered Anca Parghel. She was amazingly talented. Such a pity she’s no longer with us. ❤️

  3. Thank you very much for making time to listen, Jo. I appreciate it greatly!!

    Furstenberg is my husband’s surname. His ancestors would have originated from Germany. I’m pleased with my Romanian origin. 😉

    Yes! Anca Parghel ❤️❤️❤️ I’m so happy you like her music!

  4. The playback doesn’t work – whether it won’t work in Canada, or just where we are in a small mountain town with poor wifi I’m not sure. I’ll try again later,

  5. Can vouch for that. My husband and I often have our coffees on the go and these vending machines grind the beans for each cup. One summer we had freshly squeezed orange juice… In the park and there was no one else around at 8am. The juicer had glass windows so we sat and watched how the giant oranges rolled down the slide,how were cut and squeezed especially for us. By a machine! It was incredible. Best juice I ever had! And not pricey either.

    Fresh, steaming pretzels – who can ask for more? 🙂

    Plan C was the Cinderella of our plans 😉 Of course it would have worked.

    Thank you, Jim. I do appreciate the time you took to listen and comment.

  6. Hi Patricia!
    I loved listening to your interview. You were wonderful. The questions were lovely and your answers were creative and interesting. I like how you began with the 100 words story. The songs in between were so catchy. You sounded so happy and at peace. I wish you a very happy writing life and God bless you and your family. Take care. 🙂

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