Bran Castle’s Unique Door Knocker and a Crocus Legend #Im4Ro

There is a natural progression from the medieval Bran Castle with its unique brass door knocker in the shape of a queen’s head and the crocus legend for Thursday Doors

Stories and History of Transylvania, the Middle Ages #Im4Ro

Middle Ages, history tells us, found in the rich land of Transylvania a lively congregation of various cultures and traditions. How it happened? Where they all content? Read on.

Travel to Râșnov Fortress, Romania #Im4Ro

Travel to Râșnov Fortress, the oldest and best preserved fortified stronghold in Transylvania, Romania, atop a limestone hill near Brasov – for Thursday Doors.

Travel to Romania through Books

Travel to Romania through enticing stories inspired by its riveting history, rich folklore, and my extensive travels-as a native Romanian and an armchair historian. Travel to Romania with Transylvania’s History A to Z in 100-word Stories Transylvania’s unspoiled natural beauty, its tumultuous history, and the people who created it are depicted in this book: BUY …

Travel Through Doors, Best of 2020

Travel Through Doors, discover the best doors as seen in my 2020 Thursday Doors blog posts: Brasov, Sighisoara, Corvin & Bran Castle and more

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