Doors of Brașov, Transylvania, Romania #Im4Ro

Let’s discover mre doors from Brașov, this 800 years old city of Transylvania, Romania, with doors from Scheii Brasovului and a shrine.

Târgoviște, a Royal Palace in History #Im4Ro

Târgoviște royal palace held a paramount role in history: in the life of Vlad Țepeș and during the Middle Ages. Incredible stories & photos.

Jewels of Romanian History and Travel

The jewels of Romanian history and travel, of any historical event and travel location, are the details that tend to fall between the chunks that make it in the history books, the sparks that matter, the ones we will gladly remember. Romania is a unique, marvelous country with such varied landscapes, from majestic Carpathian Mountains …

Travel to Romania via 25 Amazing Photos #Im4Ro

Travel to Romania via 25 Amazing Photos. ‘See the kneeling of the twilight, admire old landscapes growing young with the joy they give.’

To Marvel at the Medieval Towers of Sighisoara Fortress #Im4Ro

When traveling to Sighisoara fortress there is always something to marvel at. We peeked at its medieval towers and rampant, unique & well-preserved. A tower fr each guild. Which one is your favorite?

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