Bran Castle, Time Tunnel Explained, All You Need to Know #Im4Ro

Bran Castle, Time Tunnel Explained, All You Need to Know – a detailed historical guide to the Vertical and Horizontal galleries.

Bran Castle’s Unique Door Knocker and a Crocus Legend #Im4Ro

There is a natural progression from the medieval Bran Castle with its unique brass door knocker in the shape of a queen’s head and the crocus legend for Thursday Doors

Bran Castle, a Historical Door Kept under Key for Centuries #Im4Ro

Medieval Bran Castle, located at historical Bran Pass, is a fortress turned legend yet its door had been kept under key for centuries. Discover its story and doors, for Norm’s last Thursday Doors.

The Iron Maiden of Fagaras Castle #Im4Ro

Rocking the modern perceptions of the Middle Ages, the Iron Maiden found at Fagaras Castle, Romania, is a medieval torture device that is real, and yet not.

Exploring Romania’s Top Movie Locations: Peles Castle #Im4Ro

Join me in exploring Romania’s top movie locations as depicted in famous motion pictures. Today: A Princess for Christmas with Sam Heughan, Katie McGrath, and Roger Moore – shot at Peles Castle.

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