The Rose at the End of my Garden, a poem

The Rose at the End of the Garden

The Rose at the End of my Garden, a poem

If you walk through the garden and follow the path,
Past the spot where the dogs love to nap,
Past the corner and up a step,
Past the grass that’s half sun, half shade…

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Poets, Poetry and a Pandemic

Poets, Poetry and a Pandemic

We need poets and poetry more than any time before, today when we are faced with a worldwide pandemic because poets have more heart in their hearts and more life in their poems than these are pandemic statistics released daily.

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Looking at the Sea

fisherman's boat, umbrellas by the sea @PatFurstenberg

Where do our thoughts escape to?
The wondrous one that sneaks out while we languidly watch the sea change its colors? The pressing ones that run away as soon as our mind got caught in the seagull’s wing. The long forgotten ones that elope us before we even blink the sun away.
Where do they go?

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Hope, Christmas Haiku

Hope, a Christmas Haiku just right for yuletide, Noel, Christmastime, Crăciun!

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Autumn, Sunday Haiku, Haiku-San

Autumn, a Sunday Haiku: Haiku-San

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