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Reviews are like oxygen for an author. Without reviews, other reader might not find out about how wonderful a book is. If you enjoy a book, please take a minute to write a quick line on your thoughts. Below are some of the reviews I have been thrilled to receive for my books from bloggers and readers and the press.
Diversity Books
Diversity Books, a trilogy of animal tales

“I’ve read some of Patricia’s work in the past, which is partially why I said yes to reviewing this trilogy of animal tales. The rest of the reason is because the animals are so cute! I particularly love The Elephant and Sheep… These books made me feel warm and fuzzy inside, and a reminder that despite all the negative news in the media there is kindness in the world, and sweet events really do happen.” Talented Nayu from Nayu’s Reading Corner gave my books 10E/10, E=epic read!

Puppy, 12 Months of Smiles and Rhymes
Puppy, 12 Months of Smiles and Rhymes

“The illustrations are sweet and cute and really drew my two years olds attention where as my five year old really took to the poems… This book is absolutely perfect for dog lovers and I loved the journey that the little puppy took in the first 12 months of it’s life.” You can find out what else Rachel and her children thought of Puppy on Rae Reads.

The Cheetah and the Dog, follow link to Amazon
The Cheetah and the Dog, follow link to Amazon

“How I love the wonderful descriptions that Patricia Furstenberg uses for the cheetah and the dog, I just have to use an example.

‘Two pointy ears with one long tail

Chased the flopping ones with a wiggly end.’

There is no doubt whatsoever about who is who in the story… This is a tale told in Africa based on a true friendship between the two animals. Just lovely. You can read Susan’s wonderful review here.

He is reading Joyful Trouble
He is reading Joyful Trouble

“The children I asked to read this story for my review were fired up by the power of petition and how, by joining forces, the able seamen in Patricia’s lovely novel are able to save the friendly great dane from a terrible fate. Joyful Trouble is a must read for all animal lovers and would make a wonderful gift for grandparents to read to grandchildren on visits.” – reviewed by talented children’s author Julia Thum on her website.

The Lion and the Dog
The Lion and the Dog, follow link to Amazon

The Lion and the Dog – Book Review by wonderful Susan Hampson on her book blog, Books From Dusk Till Dawn: “This is a beautiful story and knowing that it really happened makes it even more special. It sends out a huge message that there are no limits to friendships no matter how different we all are. It is also about caring enough not to give up when someone is having a really terrible time” – do read the entire review here.

The Elephant and the Sheep - follow link to Amazon
The Elephant and the Sheep – follow link to Amazon

“Two unlikely animals become the best of friends despite their diverse physical differences. This is yet another excellent story from the author that special bonds can form between two completely different species. The rhyming is gentle and has a nice motion to it. I almost didn’t notice the rhyming because the story was so beautifully engaging.

Children will love the illustrations. They are delightfully simple and colourful. Both boys and girls will enjoy this wonderful friendship story from Patricia Furstenberg.” – read this entire review written by wonderful Jodie for Whispering Stories, here.

The Lion and the Dog, follow link to Amazon
The Lion and the Dog, follow link to Amazon

The illustrations deserve special mention in this beautiful book; they are vibrant and superbly colourful but more than that, they are filled with a whole host of different creatures for children to point out. This adds a more interactive element to the reading experience and plenty of opportunity to expand the story and get creative – I love it!” – Amazon review by Bex, Top 500 Reviewer.

Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles - follow Puppy to Amazon
Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles – follow Puppy to Amazon

Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles – Book Review and Author Interview with lovely Jenn blogging at Readrantrockandroll:

5STARS: “This cute little children’s book follows a puppy through its first 12 months of life, through all the seasons, through Christmas and the New Year, and back to spring again. The story is told from the puppy’s point of view and includes colorful illustrations throughout.

We enjoyed reading this sweet book that highlights the importance of family and will influence children to cherish and care for their pets. It’s educational, and the format is easy enough for young readers, yet perfect for reading out loud with your kids as well.” – read more here.

Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles, Highest Rating on GoodReads - as read by Kerry blogging at Chat About Books Website
Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles, Highest Rating on GoodReads – as read by Kerry blogging at Chat About Books Website

Puppy,12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles, has the highest Rating on GoodReads – as read by lovely book reviewer Kerry, blogging at Chat About Books Website. Read more on “Are you on If so, did you join in with the 2017 challenge?” – on Chat About Books with lovely Kerry here.






He is reading Joyful Trouble
He is reading Joyful Trouble

“Besides entertaining, the story also educates children about how to deal with difficult situations.  The story shows children that ‘Determination and faith …will always get you through the tough times.’  Joyful Trouble’s friends must ‘work together’ to resolve a problem thus exploring the importance of teamwork to neutralise conflict. ” Read the rest of this review by Jessie Cahalin on Books In My Handbag here.



“I cannot recommend Puppy enough to readers that want a fun and educational story to read to their children and eventually have those children reading it to them. I could honestly feel the love and attention to detail that Patricia poured into every page, and cannot imagine a child not loving this wonderful story!”


“My daughter loved this book. She enjoyed pointing out what was happening in the illustrations and listening to what the puppy got up to.
This is a great book for adults to share with their young ones time and time again. I certainly will.” ***** WHISPERINGSTORIES

“Puppy: 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles will be sure to bring a long-lasting smile to all dog lovers for many years to come. I very much enjoyed Patricia Furstenberg’s look into the typical first year of a dog’s life, and am looking forward to reading more of her published works in the future.” ***** READERS FAVORITE

“Grown up or not, Puppy, 12 Months of Rhymes and Smiles is a must-read for children that will teach them love and tenderness towards animals.”***** NADANESSINMOTION

It was sweet and fun to read to my two year old son. He liked listening to me reading the story out loud, and he also enjoyed looking at the adorable illustrations in the book. It’ll definitely be a story that will appeal to young readers (and parents with kids too young to really start reading yet).” ***** BOOK REVIEWS BY JASMINE

“This book is definitely aimed at younger children and will delight them as an adult reads it out loud to them. However any dog lover will also love this book and will no doubt smile as they do so.” ***** GILLY918

Find out for yourself why they all loved Puppy.

Joyful Trouble, a book that reads like a movie





“I loved how the story of Joyful Trouble was spread over several days for the children, which is realistic to how bedtime stories are told. I liked how childlike Tommy is, and how Ana loved him despite his getting carried away in puddles. Being able to handle a dog helped her grandfather handle Tommy, and tell the magnificent tale of who Joyful Trouble was, why he was a special Navy dog, and what happened in the end which made me rather teary.” (10/10E, NAYU’S READING CORNER

“The characters are adorable, especially Tommy, whom I absolutely loved. He’s super cute and funny and makes the book light, whereas his sister Ana is the grown up one who keeps asking her grandfather to tell her more about Joyful Trouble and his adventures. Overall, Joyful Trouble is a must read for all ages.” NADANESS IN MOTION

“The writing and description of Furstenberg is delightful to read. It’s a story that can be read by children or read to children. I know a young child who loves dogs and she would really love this book. Adults can also read it and enjoy the story and adventures within. To find out what happens to Joyful Trouble you will have to find out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.” ***** BOOKS ARE MY OBSESSION