Romania through Stories of History, Travel, Folklore

Welcome to Romania seen through stories inspired by its history, my travel and folklore. Read tales and facts through the eyes of a writer and traveler.

Learn about my travels through Romania by visiting this page.

Let’s discover together its historical locations, whimsical castles and fortresses (haunted or not it’s still up for debate). If it is historical facts that interest you, dig into my work on the history of Romania.
Discover all my articles on Romanian history and travel on this page of my blog.

If it is historical fiction you enjoy best, browse through my 100 words stories inspired by Romania’s rich and tumultuous past or read the longer tales from the Thursday Doors series.

Romanian folklore, spanning over two millennia, is rich in myths and legends and has left its whimsical touch on this country’s vast culture. You can discover my findings on my blog.

I wholeheartedly hope that you discovered something you enjoyed here, among these stories inspired by the history, travel and folklore of Romania. If it sounds to you that I quietly advocate my love for Romania, I can only blush and admit that it is true!

Romania is:


Patricia Furstenberg
Romania through Stories of History, Travel, Folklore
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