Travel to Romania via Books

Travel to Romania via books of stories inspired by a riveting history, rich folklore, and by my extensive travels as a native Romanian and an armchair historian. Enjoy rich illustrations too.

Explore Romania through stories of history, travel, and folklore.

Embark on a captivating journey to Romania through a collection of enticing stories inspired by its riveting history, rich folklore, and my extensive travels. As a native Romanian and an armchair historian, I have carefully crafted these books to transport you to the vibrant landscapes and cultural tapestry of Romania.

Travel to Romania with Dreamland: Banat, Crisana, Maramures, Transylvania, 100-WORD STORIES, Folklore and History

Dreamland: like a river flows free, like the bird knows no boundaries, and like clouds spread over the entire horizon, so is the history, and the tales of these Romanian provinces. Dacians and Romans, Vlachs, Moti, Mocans, Huns, Peri, Magyars, Transylvanian Saxons , Swabians, Szeklers, Jewish refugees, Ottoman invaders, hajduks and emperors, priests, these are the folks who shared this Dreamland and together they shaped its history, culture and architecture.

Today Romania has ten defined historical provinces: Banat, Crișana, Maramureș, Transylvania (Ardeal or Erdély) presented in this book, Dreamland, but also Bucovina, Moldova, Basarabia, Oltenia, Muntenia, and Dobrogea.

Banat: local population lived mainly in huts scattered over the valleys because the main occupation was pastoralism without transhumance. This historical region often bordered various empires that made the area somewhat insecure, and often depopulated due to war outbursts. Today Banat is a land peacefully shared between Romania, Serbia, and Hungary.

Crisana: is a geographical and historical region in north-west Romania named after the Criş Rivers guarded by the peaks of Apuseni Mountains. The etymology for Crişana goes back to the old name for Criş Rivers, Chrisola, deriving from Ancient Greek golden due to golden specks often spotted in its waters.

Maramures: located in the very north of Romania, the very birth of Maramureş has its legend. Its people love to share it by the fire of the woodstove, during cold January evenings steeped in snow. The wood-carved Maramureş Gates are one of the most precious symbols of Maramureş Country.

Transylvania is a historical plateau located at the heart of Romania. Dominated by large pastures, Transylvania is sheltered by the Carpathian Mountains which stand guard around it: to the west, Apuseni Mountains; to the east, Harghita Mountains; and to the south by the Fagaras Mountains nicknamed the Alps of Transylvania and traversed by the spectacular Transfagarasan Road. A multicultural region with a noteworthy history and a rich cultural heritage, Transylvania is known as Ardeal to its millennial Romanian inhabitants, Siebenbürgen to the German Saxons who lived on this land for centuries, and Erdély to the Szeklers and the Hungarian people living here today, alongside Turks, Jews, Serbs, and Roma Gypsies.

This isn’t a history book, or a storybook, but rather a collection of fleeting impressions, lived truths, reflections, descriptive essays, and snapshots of a life lived in fabulous ways.

These short texts are meant to evoke passages from history and I tried to write them with passion and lyricism, and, I hope, wit. Telling stories is the best way to keep the past, this untouchable treasure, alive.

In chronological order:
117 Stories punctuated by historical details.
Over 80 color photographs.

Dreamland historical fiction Patricia Furstenberg
Dreamland historical fiction Patricia Furstenberg

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Travel to Romania with Transylvania’s History A to Z in 100-word Stories

Delve deeper into the unspoiled natural beauty, tumultuous history, and the resilient people who have shaped Transylvania. Transylvania’s History A to Z offers a comprehensive exploration of this captivating region. Transylvania’s unspoiled natural beauty, its tumultuous history, and the people who created it are depicted in this book:

Transylvania's History A to Z


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Romanian folklore, spanning over two millennia, is rich in myths and legends and has left its whimsical touch on this country’s vast culture. You can discover my findings on my blog here.

I wholeheartedly hope that you discovered something you enjoyed here, among these stories inspired by the history, travel and folklore of Romania. If it sounds to you that I quietly advocate my love for Romania, I can only blush and admit that it is true!

Romania is:


Patricia Furstenberg
Romania through Stories of History, Travel, Folklore

Let’s discover together more of Romania’s historical locations, whimsical castles and fortresses (haunted or not it’s still up for debate).

If it is historical facts that interest you, dig into my work on the history of Romania.

A Historical Timeline of all the Stories included in Dreamland and Transylvania’s History A to Z

Prehistory – to 600BC
A Paleolithic Murder, Hunedoara
Fighting Giants in Almaj Country, Banat
Behind the Cave Art, Crisana
Not Blending into the Crowd
Conduct in a Neolithic Kingdom, Hunedoara
Call of the Heart in Maramures Country
Fishing with a Rake in Crisana
Echoes of a Battle, the Getae
How Retezat Mountain Was Named, Epic Hateg Country
Dacian Horses of Bronze Age
The Origin of Mihăileni Village, Harghita
Idyllic Edelweiss, a Legend from Barsa Country
Ogling a Hen with Gold Eggs, How Crisana Got Its Name
Raging Danube Boilers and Almajana Fairy, Banat
To Slimnic Fortress, Where a a Wizard with Three Daughters
Blossoms in Spring

Classical Era 600BC – 476 AD
Caring for a Friend, Mures
Dacian Horses of Bronze Age
King Decebalus, Born in Fagaras
Dacian Stronghold Underneath Rupea Fortress, Brasov
Elusive Decebalus and The Strei Treasure, Hateg
Falx vs Gladius, Dáoi vs Romans
War Science, Know Your Opponent
From Priceless Resin to Raşinari Village at Marginimea Sibiului
Grind and Grime of a Legionary
Girl Warrior
Greed, of the Roman Kind
Glaring and Grabbing, the Draco Flag
Hope Has Multiple Faces
Motives of Christianity
Ţara is Terra
New Footprints on Old Land
On the Trail of the White Gold, at Turda Salt Mines
Oh, This Sweet Language of Ours
A Prisoner of Her Time
Somes and Cris, Two Brothers from Bihor
Joyful Summer

Medieval 476 – 1459
Quest Beyond the Forest
Victory’s Other Face, in Stone Country
Tough Luck at Lower Viseul, Maramures
For Country and for Family – Gazing Out at Sea
Envious Dochia, a Spring Legend from Padureni, Hateg
Immortalis, the Immortal, Alba
The Round Church of Geoagiu
Under the Threat of Crusades
Up at Bran – Building a Stronghold
Victorious Escape, Saint Ladislau at Calata Country
Powerful Tahutum Wants Transylvania
Crossing the Sea-like Forest
Escape from Hateg Country, a legend
The Screaming Waterfall, Buzaielor Country
The Legend in the Tower, Densuş Church
A White Lie on the Lie Bridge of Sibiu
Right on Time, the Sighisoara Clock
Knowledge, I Am Leaf
Laudable Attempt, to Some Extent
Ursula and the Gothic Knight from Bistrita Fortress
Note How Romanians, Hungarians and Saxons Settled in Barsa Country
Legendary First Saxons of Transylvania
Unforgettable Legend of Rasnov’s Coat of Arms
Maramures Gates
Through the Szeklers’ Gate
Kronstadt, the Crown Burg, Brasov
Towering at Cârta Monastery, a Saxon Legend
The Giants from Cristian, Sibiu,  Barsa Country
The Girls’ Fair in Zarand Country
Sacrificing the Ignat Pig
Sentenced to the Lovers’ Jail in Biertan
The Value of Hunyadi’s Ring
The Leaning Tower of Medias
Dipsa’s Sow Church, Where Pigs Fly
Vein Victims of Transylvania’s Tallest Tower, Bistrita or Sibiu
Witchcraft or Death Organ at Prejmer?
X, I Sign My Letter with a Cross
The Arrival of Autumn

Early Modern 1450 – 1750
Vlad the Impaler
Victims on Foot, Jewish Emigrants to Transylvania
In Love all Things Seem Possible
Romanian’s Brother, the Woodland
Head to Poiana Brasov to the Church of Pagans
Haunted Legend at Banffy Castle
Fairy’s Pantry or the Magical Realm of Oas Country
Gazing at the Stars
Keep Transylvania’s Nature as a Gift
Life and Loss at the Castle
Shepherding from Dobruja to Transylvania
Now, the Boy from the Big House and the Boy from the Barn
Shepherding, a Life Enough
Under the Spell of a Healer in Miklósvár, Covasna
Wars with Ottomans
Early Modern 1450 – 1750
Vlad the Impaler
Victims on Foot, Jewish Travellers Emigrants to Transylvania
Xenophobia-Free, In Love all things seem possible when young
Romanian’s Brother, the Woodland
Head to Poiana Brasov and the Church of Pagans
Haunted Legend at Banffy Castle
Just a Legend, Fairy’s Pantry or the Magical Realm of Oas Country
Jest of Life, Old man looking at stars
Keep Nature as a Heritage
Life and Loss at the Castle
Shepherding, from Dobruja to Transylvania
Now, the Boy from the Big House and the Boy from the Barn
Shepherding, a Life Enough
Under the Spell of a Healer in Miklósvár, Covasna
Wars with Ottomans
Warrior Sava Brancovici, a Baptism of Faith
Withstand in Faith, Sebes Tower and the Monk’s Hill
Whipping Matthias the King
The Prinslop Monastery as a Bequest from Lady Zamfira
Was it Worth It – a Salt Mine Story from Turda
Remote in Winter
Zeitgeist of Monastic Life
Beyond the Surface, the Statue

Modern Era 1750 – Present
A Forest, Alive – Hoia, Cluj
A Wave Frozen in Stone, Bihor
The Ballad of Pintea, Hajduk of Maramures
Jewels, Wooden Churches from Chiesd, Salaj County
A Dacian Temple in Fagaras
The Székely Potatoe Bread from Covasna
Kaleidoscope by Castra Micia, Hunedoara
Into the Water, The Red Lake Legend up in Harghita
The Woodland
Young and Old – When Avram Iancu Met the Emperor
Year of Our Lord, 1848
The Hajduk
Iosif and the Weapons on Tarnava
Yell and Tell, 19th century Travels to Deva fortress
Monastery Rohia Lapus Came through a Dream
Dandelion Hopes
Yearning, Mocani Migrating from Transylvania to Dobruja
In Memory and Heart, Life of a Shepherd
Zest for Peace and Unity
Bran, a Queen’s Desire
Zenith of Hope – A Saxon Memory
Lindenfeld a Deserted Village in Severin, Banat
Dacians Then, Today Foresters, Hunedoara
Quintessential, a Saxon Garden in May
Year-round, Richis Fortified Church
When Life Had Other Plans
Jottings on a Tree
The Hearth, the Heart at Corvin Castle
Time-lapse, Halmagiu Church Arad
An Emigrant’s Dreams, Timisoara
Zero or Infinity, Life Choices
Sincerely, your m-DNA, Mitochondrial DNA
The Axis of Brasov, Rope Street
Old Beliefs on an Old Land, Transylvania
Legend of Cehei Pond, Salaj
Tihuta Pass or Borgo Pass, the Contemporary Myth of Bistrita