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You can read my stories and poetry published in LITERARY JOURNALS


Six poems in Poetry Treasures 4: In Touch with Nature (collaborative poetry volume)

Free, Floating on Spillwords Press


Fishes Swim in Straight Lines and Riding Life’s Wave in Kelp Journal, The Wave

Goodbye, Good Girl, AVBOB Poetry Competition 2023

A Haunting in Sibiu, a spooky winter tale featured on Spillwords Press

Un Cadou Neasteptat de Craciun, Colecția de Povestiri Science-Fiction & Fantasy pentru Nevăzători, The Collection of Sci-Fi and Fantasy Stories for Visually Impaired (AntareS)

Autumn haiku, The Japan Society, Haiku Corner week 42

Life Lived Backwards and Upwards, Speaking Stones, Prophecy in Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 24 – Variations in a Triangle

Like a Ladybird on a Daisy on Spillwords Press

Two Poems on Sparks of Calliope

On Midsummer Eve in Summer Solstice 2023 Poetry Collection published on Green Ink Poetry

Listen to my short story blending folklore, superstitions and history, Pure at Heart, on Story Radio Podcast:

Five Poems by Patricia Furstenberg: When Man Birthed Art, A Life in Yellow and Blue, The Vanishing Dragons, When Her Body Whispered, After a Lurid Dream.

Hand-Fasting the Woodland on Poetry Potion

Ode to Bark & Blossom in Bark and Blossom, Greenwoods Collections Vol. II, Green Ink Poetry Press

Three Poems on Lothlorien Poetry Journal (Life Lived Backwards and Upwards, Speaking Stones, Prophecy)

War Art (Homage to VE Day) on Poetry Potion

On This May Day on Spillwords Press

Beyond the Seagulls’ Nest – Short Story in Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 22 – Go Where the Sidewalk Ends

Black and White on Poetry Potion

Când Marea Şopti on Masticadore Romania (translation of The Sea Speaking)

There Was a Time on Spillwords Press

Two poems on Sparks of Calliope

World Wide Webb in The Starlight SciFaiku Review, Spring 2023, Issue 3

Green Floating People on Visual Verse Vol.10, Ch.06

Revolution and Poetry on Gobblers & Masticadores

None of It Is Time on Poetry Potion

Revoluția e Poezie in Masticadores Rumania

Beyond the Seagulls’ Nest – Short Story published on Lothlorien Poetry Journal

Writing and the Sacred – a reflection by Patricia Furstenberg published by Amethyst Magazine

Knight Rode in an L Shape on Poetry Potion

I Traveled on Gobblers Masticadores

Am Calatorit (translation of I Traveled) on Masticadores Romania

International Poet of the Month, The Poet Magazine

Time Passing by on Oddball Magazine

Green Ink Poetry, Collection 15 – Cosmos: Perseid Pantoum

Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 18, Poets in the Van of the Tuatha Dè Dannan

Poetry Pea Journal of haiku and senryu Edition 3:22

African Cranes in the Shadows – a short story on Writers Space Africa

Poetry in Our Changing Earth, Poetry about the Earth and climate change, from poets around the world published by The Poet Magazine

The Universe Within Me on Poetry Potion

African Cranes in the Shadows on Writers Space Africa Magazine


An Unexpected Christmas Gift on Spillwords Press

A Crone of a Door on Friday Flash Fiction

The Story of the Christmas Tree Angel on The Academy of the Heart and Mind

Bud & Branch” Poetry Collection by Green Ink Poetry

Poems on Sparks of Calliope

Tandem Miracle on Visual Verse

Autumnal Pantoum on Active Muse (Shishir Poetry Collection 2022)

On the Night of Saint Andrew on Spillwords Press

Un Cadou Neasteptat de Craciun – partea 1 si partea 2 on Masticadores Rumania

A Poem for the Night of Saint Andrew, Romana Insider

A Pantoum for Africa, The 2023 AVBOB Poetry Competition South Africa, website & competition

Love for Africa, The 2023 AVBOB Poetry Competition South Africa, website & competition

The King’s Grapes on The Academy of the Heart and Mind

Pure at Heart on Spillwords Press

On Plum Tree Tavern Autumn Moon Festival 2022

What Sound, Featured Poetry on The Poet Magazine

In Setu Literary Journal, Poetry

Lothlorien Poetry Journal Volume 15, Nighthawk Shadows

Indeterminate Autumn in Ariel Chart, International Literary Journal

A Calm Cloud Passed By in Ariel Chart, International Literary Journal

An Arcadian Leopard in Ariel Chart, International Literary Journal

Dragonul din Mihăileni, Harghita on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

Lines on The Plum Tree Tavern

Five Poems by Patricia Furstenberg on Lothlorien Poetry Journal

Witnessing Sunrise on Green Ink Poetry, Collection 13: Luminescence

Poetry celebrating the life of Queen Elizabeth II, An Anthology, The Poet Magazine, Paperback ISBN: 9798356159527

When Cheetah First Cried on Kalahari Review, Where Africa Tells Her Stories

Indeterminate in Autumn shortlisted for Autumn Writing Prize, Visual Verse

In Edition – Issue 70 of the WSA Magazine, Writers Space Africa, Listening to the Wind (and download magazine).

Haiku in Cold Moon Journal

The Sea Speaking on Poetry Potion

Când nu te poți pierde în mulțime on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

The Four Turrets on The Drabble

A Love Letter to Coffee on Spillwords

Early Autumn Leaves on Scarlet Dragonfly Journal

Selected Haiku on The Japan Society Haiku Corner

The Dog with a Golden Mane on The Academy of the Heart and Mind

Letter to Life on Poetry Potion

Revolution and Poetry on Militant Thistles (of The Recussant)

September 2022 Un Salut Imortalizat în Stâncă on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

Take Only What You Can Carry on Visual Verse, An Anthology of Art and Words

Romanian Calusarii on Plum Tree Tavern

Three Poems by Patricia Furstenberg on Lothlorien Poetry Journal

The Soldier and His Dog on Gobblers Masticadores

Lost in the Moors on Erato Magazine

Walls from Within on Poetry Potion

Rain on Spillwords

One, Two, Three on The Poet Magazine (Featured Poetry August)

Peștera Urșilor on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

Prietenie on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

Revolution is Poetry on Poetry Potion

What the Eye Smells on Poetry Potion

Un Războinic ca Oricare Altul on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

By the Tree on Poetry Potion

Vagabondul on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

The Dead Burn Easily on Poetry Potion

April 2022 Falx vs Gladius, Dáoi vs Romani on Masticadores Rumania (translated in Romanian)

Read my Short Stories published ON MY BLOG

Two stories for Walpurgis Night vs Noaptea Sânzienelor, Celebrating Spring & Summer with Magic & Traditions

One story for Medieval and Legendary Small Square of Sibiu

The Door of Humility, More Church Doors at Easter Time, and a Story

Goldsmiths Square Sibiu, Contemporary Photos and the Story of a Medieval Mongol Invasion

Old Targului Street Sibiu Day-Night Walk Photos and a Medieval Story

Legend of Rasinari, Resin City and a Roman Soldier’s Payslip

Storytime, An Unexpected Christmas Gift – Un Dar Neaşteptat de Crăciun

How Earth Came to Be, a Romanian Myth

Celebrating December with a Romanian Legend

Pure at Heart, a Short Story Weaving History and Folklore

An Old Spider Tale from Romanian Folklore

A Love Letter on International Coffee Day

My Short Story Published on Visual Verse – Take Only What You Can Carry

A Story for the Oldest Door of Corvin Castle Transylvania

Vagabondul, Poveste in O Suta de Cuvinte, The Wanderer, 100-Word Story

Under the Sign of the Four Turrets, 100-word Story in Sibiu

Gazing Out at Sea, 100-word Story

Wise King Matthias Corvinus, the Fair King, 100-word Story

A Clock in a Tower at Sighisoara Fortress #Im4Ro

Words by Patricia Furstenberg on Enescu ‘s Suite Ancienne

The Legend of Putna Monastery #Im4Ro

The Language that is a Nightingale

The Sunflower Legend, a Folk Tale from Ukraine

The Lion and the Mouse, a Fable

The Legend of the Christmas Tree, a Bird and a Fir Tree #Im4Ro

Oldest and Tiniest, a Story for the Wooden Church of Doba, 16th century #Im4Ro

The Wooden Church from Bicaz, Maramures, Romania #Im4Ro

The Wooden Church from Arduzel, Maramures, Romania #Im4Ro

How the Tiger got its Stripes

Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses, 3 x 100-Word Stories on a Cinderella Theme

Oratea Fortress, Echoes of the 13th Century, 100-Word Story

Corvin Castle, Window Slits and Telling Rocks, 100-Word Story

Kinda Old, Corvin Castle and a Story

Silent Sunday, Light and Shadows on the Beach

The Church Door, a Short Story for Thursday Doors

A Door set in Stone

A Room to Swing a Cat In

The Twelve Dreams of Mamer, a Medieval Legend

The Legend on a Great Fire and of How a Village Came to be

A Forgotten Spring Legend

Youth Without Age and Life Without Death

The Story of the Giant Radish

The Braveheart who Freed the Sun, 1st of March, 1 Martie Mărțișor

A Love Letter to Coffee

Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses, 3 x 100-Word Stories on a Cinderella Theme

Through the Searching Eyes of Mona Lisa

Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses, 3 x 100-Word Stories on a Cinderella Theme

The Golden Gate Portal of Black Church, Brasov, and a Story

The Giant Elephant and the Rain

Why the Warthog is on his Knees

How the Snake Lost Its Legs

The Giraffe Who Reached for God

When Cheetah First Cried

Why Rhino is Grumpy and Hippo is Mad at Hare

First Snow and Saint Nicholas for Thursday Doors

The Oldest Christmas Story

A Winter Story for Thursday Doors

Read Poetry & Haiku on MY BLOG:

I love writing and reading poetry and haiku, these delicate sculptures of words and images. Enjoy:

A gothic poem A Studded Gothic Door and a Medieval Door Lock, Evangelical Church Sibiu

Pi Door, a Pilish Poem, Piem

The Chart on My Hands

Cold Under the Sturgeon Moon

Indeterminate in Autumn

Lost in the Moors

Letter to Life Poem

Romanian Calusarii or Man Dancing With Horses, a Pantoum

Tread Where There’s no Path

By the Tree – What the Eye Smells

Dance in the Rain

The Dead Burn Easily

Lurid, Autumn’s Gold

For my Sunday blog post Haiku-San I created the hashtag #haikusan. It derives from Haiku, meaning unusual verse in Japanese (hai=unusual, ku=verse, strophe) and San, the honorific Japanese title when speaking about people. San is also the phonetic transcription of the first syllable of the English word Sunday, Sun-day hence Haiku-San.

Afghan War

Afternoon Coffee


Airedale Terrier


A Partridge in a Pear Tree, 1st Day of Christmas



Bats and Goblins



Bones Celebration




Candy Cane




Cherry Blossoms

Christmas Lights

Christmas Tree

Christmas Eve

Church Mood




Dachshund Dog




First Autumn Day

Five Golden Rings, 5th Day of Christmas

Four Calling Birds, 4th Day of Christmas

Geese-a-Laying, 6th Day of Christmas

German Pointer Dog

Gingerbread Man

Grey Clouds

Halloween Haiku


Haunted Halloween



I am Life




Ladies Dancing, 9th Day of Christmas

Life Cycle

Lords-a-Leaping, 10th Day of Christmas

Maids-a-Milking, 8th Day of Christmas

Mary’s Love



Mother Love

Notre Dame

Notre Dame Angel

Notre Dame of Paris



Pumpkin Halloween

Red Poppy

Rose Window

Rottweiler Dog

Running Water

Saint Nicholas

Silver Birds

Shooting Star






Star (Notre Dame)

Stained Glass

Stairs Ghost


St. Bernard Dog

Swans-a-Swimming, 7th Day of Christmas

Three French Hens, 3rd Day of Christmas


Trick or Treat Night

Turkey, a Thanksgiving haiku

Two Turtle Doves, 2nd Day of Christmas



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