Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses, 3 x 100-Word Stories on a Cinderella Theme

Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses are three 100-Word stories on a Cinderella theme, written in three different genres.

Dream Big

She’d stuck to her dream. That’s what Cinderella was about, pure heart.

She missed the duckie sniggers and the foster child label. She had her gown on, and in this ballroom full of possibilities a heart she could connect with was awaiting.

She bloomed, poised atop the stairwell. She had one shot and made it count. Against the mask’s itch, against the pull of the seam underneath her bosom.

Cinderella came alive at that masquerade the moment she understood that she was worth more than hand-me-downs and solitude, that she was as worthy of fulfilling her dreams as everyone else.

fairy tale Cinderella Theme, Queen Maria, Wooden carved door at Bran Castle
Queen Maria, Wooden carved door at Bran Castle

The Fairy Tale

It had taken her breath away, the Cinderella dress in the Fairytale Rental. Mom had shrunk at its musty scent and demanded Little Red’s cape. And a wicker-basket. Lice-free guaranteed and marked down. She’d won Best Costume for Dress-up Day, thanks to Mom’s magic wand that turned any pumpkin into a princess.

Still, she was a Cinderella at heart.

So for her Hen Party, she’d rented it. A full grown-up Cinderella dress fitted net stockings, a mask, and a crown.


A young woman’s body was found among the restaurant’s trash. ‘This Cinderella had missed her carriage,’ morning headlines read.

Rasnov Fortress

Butterfly Kisses

Most saw a butterfly flutter by, a spring breeze flirting with a gardener’s seedlings and blooms.

The raw shoots, knowing that they can’t handle its force, had released it towards the sky. Take it; it’s all but a flutter of dreams. Yet the trees, ready to forget a winter of bare mementos, had opened their buds for it, like candid arms.

And something else altogether caught its flicker. A chiffon scarf from the gardener’s knobby fist. A reminder of her soft confidence, her honesty, and her life – puff, gone!  

To have your butterfly kisses one last time,’ he wished.

Copyright © Patricia Furstenberg. All Rights Reserved.

Kinda pink rose poetry
Kinda pink rose poetry

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27 Replies to “Dream Big, The Fairy Tale, and Butterfly Kisses, 3 x 100-Word Stories on a Cinderella Theme”

    1. I think that readers connect with fairy tales in various ways, and may take different meanings out of the same text.
      Thank you for reading, Maggie.

      1. That is so true. I, for instance, thought that the second and the third were related, different chapters of the same story. But maybe I should drink my coffee first and then visit WP. 🙂

  1. Very interesting idea. My favorite is the second one. The ending was so unexpected, but she fulfilled her dream. She was the most beautiful at the ball.

    1. Anything comes at a cost 🙂

      I can see how #2 and #3 could be related, the last being the man longing for his dead love, years later.

      Thank you, Jessie.
      SORRY, Jo 🙂

      1. Jessie? Jesus? Or Jo? 🙂 Well, I actually could have used some coffee, because I saw a killer in the gardener, not a lover. But that’s only my twisted mind… 🙂

          1. Oh, so it’s you the one who needs coffee. 🙂 Whew! I’m glad that you approve that the third story could be read in a grim way as well. I thought I let my imagination run wild once again. 🙂

            1. Ha ha 🙂 Looks like it – on the coffee.
              Your imagination should run free, Jo. Well done. 😉

  2. Cool, and if that dream turns out being a pie in the sky aspiration or like chasing a rainbow leaving one a little fish in a big ocean; one can always swim back downstream and be a big fish in a little pond! It’s all relative; and can’t let a thing like ego get in the way!
    Serve where you can best and will do the most good; where needed!

    1. Like birds. We think we can train them into coming with crumbs, but it’s them, who choose us.
      Thank you, Jim.

  3. I love your chilling take on Cinderella.
    That’s what can happen to anyone.
    It’s sad but real.
    A fairy tale that states the consequences of missing the carriage.
    No fairy godmother here.
    Great writing, Patricia. 🙂

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