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I have always been drawn to discovering more about the people – or the dogs – who featured in historical and contemporary events. Why they chose to fight that war; what was it that they sacrificed, silently. What was the lay of the land that they walked upon, the color of the sky or the scent carried by the wind… It is such stories that I find they still resonate today. Discovering these secrets, writing these books, thrills me. Thus, my passion for historical and contemporary fiction books and historical events was born.

As an armchair historian I love researching such tales, traveling (researching my next book we visited medieval Sighisoara), exploring hidden corners and unearthing new facts, forgotten characters, or hidden clues. I love to give them a voice and to bring them into the light in my tales. Be it people, animals or the land and its architecture, no details is to small, no voice is too soft. What was once an overlooked now brings history alive in my historical or contemporary fiction books.

Facts belong in the history books, but the passion, the thrill and the fantasy, those are the realm of the novels. Welcome to my writing world.


Historical & Contemporary Fiction Books:

Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting for

A book the dogs, the soldiers and the people caught in the War in Afghanistan

Silent Heroes - Patricia Furstenberg. historical contemporary fiction books

Now available in Kindle, paperback and large print:

Above all this book is a work of contemporary fiction about everyday people, soldiers and dogs caught in war, a read filled with action, thrill and emotional twists and turns.

What happens when an educated woman is prepared for the ultimate sacrifice in order to teach reading to the girls in her community? She leaves behind a daughter and a son whose lives become intertwined with those of the US Marines serving at FOB Day nearby. But the Taliban is infiltrated everywhere and is hard to differentiate between friend and foe. One thing is certain: the Marines can rely on their Military Working Dogs.

Silent Heroes takes a fresh look at the War in Afghanistan, at the souls, the dreams and the inner beauty of those caught in it: soldiers, locals, and the land. For these reasons, Silent Heroes is a narrative that allows humanity to take first stage.

What Silent Heroes Amazon readers say:
“Intense, evocative and heart-wrenching narrative of destruction and hope.”
“This is my first ever military, Taliban, Marines novel and I thoroughly enjoyed it. This book is well researched, well written and very easy to follow.”
“A book not to be missed.”

BUY THE BOOK: Amazon universal link here

Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting for

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Joyful Trouble, Based on the True Story of a Dog Enlisted in the Royal Navy

A book set during World War II

Joyful Trouble by Patricia Furstenberg - historical contemporary fiction books

Take home an unbelievable and humorous true story of an incredible dog and how he found his true, yet unexpected calling during World War Two. You will love the moving tale of Joyful Trouble, a dog whose love for humans went beyond any human-dog connection – based on historical facts.

When a Great Dane arrives in a Navy base nobody expects him to win everybody’s hearts, although breaking some rules along the way. Yet when unexpected challenges arising, who will stand up for this four-legged gentle giant?
As many have said in their reviews, Joyful Trouble is a story that reads like a movie, it is a charming celebration of innocence, a read loved by all ages and all dog lovers.

UK Amazon Bestseller in Children’s eBooks, Historical Fiction
UK Amazon Bestseller in Young Adult, Historical Fiction
UK Amazon Most Gifted Paperback, Children’s

What Joyful Trouble Amazon readers say:
“A beautiful and refreshing tale of friendship, loyalty, and love.”
“A real joy to read.”
“I loved the way Ms Furstenberg retells this naval story in the setting of a grandpa and his grandchildren spending time together.”

Available in Kindle, paperback and large print.
BUY THE BOOK: Amazon universal link here

Joyful Trouble - historical contemporary fiction books

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Besides historical and contemporary fiction books I enjoy solving the occasional haiku puzzle and write poetry:

Christmas Haiku – pure thrilling joy for the festive season

Christmas Haiku

Leaving war and historical thrills aside, this book is an inspirational collection of winter and Christmas themed haiku to help you relax. Enjoy a daily haiku paired with gorgeous seasonal images as well as haiku for “The 12 Days of Christmas”.

What Christmas Haiku Amazon readers say:
” Brings the joy of Christmas with each page.”

Available in Kindle, paperback.
BUY THE BOOK: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon Deutschland,

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As Good as Gold, A dog’s life in poems

A book that will appeal to (most) dog lovers

As engaging as a tail wag, As Good as Gold is a book for all ages and all dog lovers. No war here, just the happy thrill of laughter.
Caution: hilarious and addictive!

“I thoroughly enjoyed this charming collection of verse” Linda’s Book Bag

What As Good as Gold Amazon readers say:
“A lovely poetry book that would be perfect for adults and younger children to share.”
“Back-buying more for gifts, ideal for anyone who has ever loved a dog! “

Available in Kindle, paperback and large print.
Buy the book from Amazon, universal link here.

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Find more books by Patricia Furstenberg on Amazon: Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon worldwide link.

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