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Welcome and join me when I travel to South Africa through books and stories inspired by my travels and the rich African folklore and riveting history!

Travel to South Africa with Joyful Trouble the Book:

Joyful Trouble: Based on the True Story of a Dog Enlisted in the Royal Navy

When a Great Dane arrives in a Navy Base of the Cape Peninsula, South Africa, nobody expects him to win everybody’s hearts, although breaking some rules along the way. With challenges arising along the way, who will stand up for this four-legged gentle giant?

A story that reads like a movie.
A charming celebration of innocence loved by all ages.
Experience life at a military base and in Simon’s Town during WW2.

Map - Joyful Trouble whereabouts and two mainland sites for penguins sighting in the Western Cape
Joyful Trouble whereabouts and two mainland sites for penguins sighting in the Western Cape




Travel to South Africa with VONK THE HORSE: Spark, Bravest Stallion of the 18th Century

Vonk the Horse: Spark, the Bravest Stallion of the 18th Century

“When the storms off the coast of Cape Town raged ferociously, ships were tossed like matchsticks, the sailors on board doomed. Their cries for help reached the dairy farmer and his horse and the two dived into the waters time after time to save the sailors. They almost saved all of the sailors, but the fatigue and the cold were onerous burdens and the last attempt failed. But the two live on in spirit. Together. Always together. A statue in Cape Town commemorates the two brave souls.”

Readers’ Favorite, 5STARS

Sail the high seas to the end of the 18th century, the middle of winter in the southern hemisphere. When a ship hits a bank of sand near the Cape of Storms (Cape Town), all spectators on land fear for the lives of those on board for the waters are frigid and currents strong.


Travel to South Africa and discover JOCK OF THE BUSHVELD: Africa’s Best Loved Dog Hero

Jock of the Bushveld: Africa's Best Loved Dog Hero by Patricia Furstenberg

“The plot is very heartwarming and enlightening as dog and man find comfort and solace in their life together in South Africa. I absolutely loved the characters and how they hunted together and shared everything they needed.”

Readers’ Favorite, 5STARS

“To the Africa’s Bravest Creatures series, Patricia Furstenberg adds Book 3, Jock of the Bushveld: Africa’s Best Loved Dog Hero. This is a heartwarming true story of a runt puppy born in South Africa that was given a second chance by a man named Sir Patrick Percy FitzPatrick. Traveling together in the open areas of South Africa, Jock and FitzPatrick were closer than close, better than the best of friends, pure hearts that found their life’s light together.” (Reviewed by Amy Raines)


Travel to South Africa and have cake with HUBERTA THE HIPPO: Amazing Adventures of a Happy River Horse

Huberta the Hippo: Amazing Adventures of a Happy River Horse

“Huberta the Hippo: Amazing Adventures of a Happy River Horse is a charming tale about one of South Africa’s iconic animals, a hippo from Zululand. During a three-year period in the 1930s, Huberta (originally thought male and nicknamed Hubert by the press) roamed more than a thousand miles along the African coast.”

Readers’ Favorite Starred Review

“I especially like the personality that Furstenberg attributes to Huberta. She loves the simple things in life. For example, Huberta turns down an invitation from the wife of the mayor of Durban to join her reading club for tea, preferring instead a swim in the river and a grassy dinner afterward to tea and cake. An entertaining read.” (Kimberlee J Benart)


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