Spotlight on Poetry Treasures and 5 Reasons Why Poetry Holds My Heart

Enjoy discovering the picturesque collection “Poetry Treasures 4: In Touch With Nature” in which I, too, have six poems included alongside 11 other imaginative poets. I’m celebrating my stop in the book release blog tour with 5 Reasons Why Poetry Holds My Heart published on Author D. L. Finn’s lovely blog. Join me there!

About Poetry Treasures 4: In Touch With Nature

“It is an honor to be included with the other fantastically talented poets featured in this volume. We have the works of Andrew McDowell, whose unique views of nature may carry inner meanings. And of course, the works of the multi-talented, Robbie Cheadle, who offers a look into the life on the South African Savannah. Also, those of Patricia Furstenberg, which speaks of the skies, offering a bird’s eye view. The works of Marcia Meara, whose use of sound in her poetry lets us hear and feel as if we are within the poem itself. Luanne Castle’s poetry carries messages of hope and gratitude for this Earth we live on and all its creatures. The syllabic poetry of D.L. Finn sets readers at ease to enjoy the natural world around them. Emily Gmitter’s poetry ponders life, the seasons and the sands of time. Selma Martin’s verse reflects on aging, celebrates the seasons, and champions green energy. The works of Merril D. Smith explores connections in nature for a focused point of view. Frank Prem’s poetry is filled with hope and wonder. And special guest, Colleen Chesebro shares the beauty of nature through syllabic verse which pleases the eye as well as the heart
and mind. In Touch with the Nature is truly a treasure trove of poetic gems that I know you will enjoy.”(From the Introduction to “Poetry Treasures 4” written by wonderful Kaye Lynne Booth).

Poetry Treasures 4 In Touch with Nature

“Poetry Treasures 4: In Touch with Nature” was compiled and edited by Kaye Lynne Booth
and Robbie Cheadle. Thank you, Ladies!
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I’m closing comments here, so do come on over to D. L. Finn’s blog and let’s chat about why poetry holds our heart.

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