Haiku-San, Butterfly Haiku

Haiku-San, Butterfly, a Sunday Haiku

Haiku-San, Butterfly
Haiku-San, Butterfly

Delicate, airy,

So close, so far. Butterfly

Always elusive.


You can find more Haiku in my new book of poetry, As Good AS Gold:

My favourite poem is “As Pink as a Puppy’s Tongue” because it has a pug in it and pugs are my favourite dog. This is a very good book.” (Young book reviewer, blogmumjd)

“I particularly liked the haikus at the end… the author has managed this beautifully with each a small complete story.”(Portobello Blog)

As Good As Gold is also available in Large Print, a dyslexia friendly edition: Amazon UK, Amazon US 

I chose the name Haiku-San as it derives from Haiku, meaning unusual verse in Japanese (hai=unusual, ku=verse, strophe) and San, the honorific Japanese title when speaking about people. San is also the phonetic transcription of the first syllable of the English word Sunday, Sun-day hence Haiku-San, a Sunday feature on Alluring Creations involving Haiku I write.

Text and Haiku-San © Patricia Furstenberg.

(Image courtesy Michele Bergami, Unsplash)

I hope you enjoyed my haiku. Let me know your thoughts in comment below.

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