Silent Sunday, Light and Shadows on the Beach

Silent Sunday, or almost, light and shadows on the beach, the golden hour – a 100-word story.

Silent Sunday, light and shadows on the beach
Silent Sunday, between light and shadows on the beach

The laziness of a summer’s day lingers in the ruddy beams of the chaise longues, still stretching, ever hoping to dip their feet in the cool waves. Alas, perhaps tomorrow.

The thoughts abandoned upon them, now shadows, will hide with the night, without disappearing, hopes for the new day. And the day that’s gone, soon darkness and dreams, will join the rhythm of the waves, coming and going, departing and returning with the sun.

Only the umbrella stands above, out of sight, yet all-seeing, all-knowing. Fearless. Until the wind arrives. ‘What took you so long?’ she asks. He only sighs.

Copyright © Patricia Furstenberg. All Rights Reserved.

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This is almost a Silent Sunday as I can’t seem to stop my thoughts from spinning. Thank you for reading.

29 Replies to “Silent Sunday, Light and Shadows on the Beach”

  1. Your post is very melancholic. I don’t get why the umbrella has a death wish, but her line to the wind puts an intriguing spin to an otherwise calm story. Well done!

  2. Maybe it’s not a death wish. Maybe she doesn’t know (yet) that her relationship with the wind can turn sour.
    Thank you, Jo 🙂

  3. While I am reading your words, Patricia, it seems to me that the rhythm of your language and the waves are one thing and mybe “she” doesn’t want that this harmony is disturbed by the wind!
    Your words are beautiful and touching:)

  4. Oh, like umbrella scolds the wind when he arrives? Knowing that the naughty boy will show up, eventually, and attempt to disturb the harmony?

    Thant’s an incredible thought, Martina. I love it!

    Your comment made me so happy 🙂 Thank you!!!

  5. This is so creative and beautiful, Patrcia.
    The ending just tugs at the heart.
    The ‘long chairs’ must definitely be witness to so much.
    Imagine what all they have heard and supported.
    So imaginative! 🙂

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