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Patricia Furstenberg is the author of the children’s book series “Happy Friends”

Enter a world of friendship and adventure together with your child. Read these magical bedtime stories for sweet dreams and quality time.
Happy Friends” is a 5 Stars Reader’s Favorite: “Happy Friends is a treasure to be enjoyed and shared over and over again.”
“Happy Friends” nurtures positivism, imagination, empathy, friendship, generosity, adventure and, of course, they have happy-endings.
It is an illustrated collection of 12 stories aimed at PARENTS to READ to their young CHILDREN, as well as at the OLDER child, to enjoy and read on his/her own.
These twelve stories can also be individually purchased.

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Patricia is a contributor for the Huffington Post SA.



Patricia-Furstenberg for MyPuppyClub.net

Patricia writes the Sunday Dog Tales column for MyPuppyClub.net, an Australian website shortlisted for Australia’s Top Influencers Award.

Author Bio

Patricia Furstenberg came to writing though reading, her passion for books being something she inherited from her parents.

Patricia Furstenberg won two key legs (chapter six, “Someone is Missing” and chapter nine, “Reconstruction of the Crime”) of the Write Your Own Christie Competition and was runner-up for chapter four. The Judges “were impressed by her thorough investigation and admired the strength of her narrative; they were impressed by her style” and congratulated Patricia on winning the penultimate chapter. “This was perhaps one of the hardest rounds of the competition and the judges felt that Patricia’s chapter was confident and intriguing.” The judges thought Patricia’s writing style is “well structured, with a great sense of tension and suspense.

The Judges were Mathew Prichard, Agatha Christie‘s grandchild involved in publishing and promoting her books since 1960s, David Brawn, Agatha Christie’s Publisher at Harper Collins UK for the last 20 years and Daniel Mallory who works primarily with thrillers and crime fiction at Harper Collins US.

When she’s not writing Patricia likes to read, read, read, drink coffee and listen to music.
One of the characters portrayed in her children stories is Pete, the yellow toy elephant. Not many know, but Pete exists and lives in Pat’s home.