Knock-Knock, Opening a Door on ‘Touch Wood’

Sibiu wooden doors, Christmas doors

Knock-knock,’ I chuckle to myself as I knock on the wooden closet, ‘the work on my next book is going so well, touch the wood!’ And ‘mum’s the word!’ ~ Am I being irrational by succumbing to a positive superstitious belief? Or do I actually improve my performance in a subsequent task by engaging in such credulous thoughts and behaviors? Never mind keeping to a rigorous writing schedule! It feels magical, so it’s got to be, right? 😉

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Flâneurs on Paris Streets, Smiling Under Arches and Iron Sculptures

Arc de Triomphe Paris

Five years ago we visited Paris and like greedy-eyed flâneurs, we smiled under arches and admired its iron carvings. We started our Parisian tour with glossy Trocadéro and Palais de Chaillot’s secrets and relaxed in the gardens of notorious Place de la Concorde.

On our way to the the thrilling Arc de Triomphe de l’Étoile we simply strolled along the rues of Paris and admired its wrought-iron street art… Before climbing the historical Eiffel Tower… Before bowing underneath the Arc de Triomphe du Carrousel… Before finding the shortest way to the Mona Lisa inside the artsy maize of Palais Royal Musee du Louvre… and other touristic activities people do in Paris, such as paying a visit to Nicolas Flamel’s home or finding the sinking house of Paris. Come, off we go along my Parisian memory lane!

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Bare Bones, Exploring the Rare and Old Densuş Church

Densus Church Transylvania 2000 years old religious site

I love to discover the bare bones of an old church and the rare and ancient Densuş Church is a treat!

The enigmatic Densuş Church is located at a short distance from Ulpia Traiana Sarmizegetusa, once the heartbeat of the sprawling Roman Empire in Dacia. Its eons-old presence calls like a closely kept secret, attracting the interest of historians worldwide… Because within its revered walls is a tapestry made from the threads of history, shrouded in skepticism, and rich with the echoes of ages past.

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Why Love Paris, Glossy Trocadéro and Palais de Chaillot’s Secrets

Day tour visiting Paris Trocadéro, Eiffel Tower Travel photography.

If you ever asked yourself why everyone loves Paris, then glossy Trocadéro and the Palais de Chaillot, not to mention Place de la Concorde, are three perfect reasons. Join me down the memory lane to one sunny August morning as we pay homage to the cultural heritage and vibrant spirit of France on its National Day, 14 July. Vive la France!

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