Great Dog Characters in Books for Readers of all Ages

Great dog characters in books for readers of all ages

Can dog characters from books be among those we remember fondly? Yes, and many fictional stories or memoirs have four-legged characters who left memorable paw-prints on the minds and hearts of readers of ALL AGES.

Here is my list of FIVE great dog characters from fiction and non-fiction books.

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Two of a Kind, Time Flies Quietly

rose bush, grapes in spring, two of a kind

We are two of a kind, my daughter and I, yet as time flies quietly I discover how different we are. We are like a rose bush growing alongside a grapevine. The rose, blooming all year round in this South African favorable weather, is always giving, sharing joy and quiet smiles. The grapevine takes full advantage of spring, encouraged, a miracle boosting with life from one day to the next. Take your eyes off and you miss its rarity. Time flies quietly.

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Why Do People Write?

why do people write

The vast majority write out of a desire to share their experience with other people. Sharing something imparts a feeling of usefulness. Some people say they write for pleasure, others that say they write out of a desire to inform their peers. Others say they write for the sake of competition.

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5 Incredible Animals Friendships Now as Story Books

animals friendsip books

If we needed more proof that animals feel empathy, these five incredible friendships between animals are the living proof and sure to melt your heart, do enjoy their story books with your child.

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Cats and Dogs

Why Is a Cat Not Like a Dog? ~ a poem from a dog’s perspective from the poetry book for animal and nature lovers ‘As Good as Gold‘.

“A cat has a heart-shaped nose above a mouth with piercing teeth,
A cat has paws with soft, pink cushions hiding sharp claws beneath,
A cat has pointy whiskers, to catch running drops of milk
And a tail to play with, a tail that flicks, made of silk.

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