Corvin Castle, Window Slits and Telling Rocks, 100-Word Story

At Corvin Castle to gaze at its window slits and telling rocks, a 100-word story. If only these windows could speak. Are you be prepared to listen?

Corvin Castle, Kinda Historical Doors

The solitary Corvin Castle hides many secrets and legends, all guarded by historical doors. A Gothic – Renaissance fortress built to inspire

An Ancient Door, Corvin Castle, Romania

The visit to the ancient door of Corvin Castle or Hunedoara Castle in Romania takes us through a short history of knocking on doors and a look at some magnificent coat of arms.

Exploring Romania, Top Medieval Movie Locations, Corvin Castle

Exploring Romania and Corvin Castle, the largest medieval fortress in Transylvania, Top Movie Location of Dragonheart, Battle for the Heartfire.