Archaic, Happy Blue Windows and Whimsy Hills from Romania #Im4Ro

happy blue windows and whimsy hills Romania

I’m bringing you an archaic home with happy blue windows and the view of whimsy Romanian hills for Jude’s July Life in Color Photo Challenge 2021.

After the idyllic Transylvanian house with blue windows and the authentic 1885 house by the Black Sea today we stroll to the north-west of Romania, to Bihor county.

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Wooden Doors and Symbols, Village Museum Bucharest #Im4Ro

wood doors, symbols in carved wood, art Village Museum Bucharest

Hand carving wooden doors, porches and window frames with millennial symbols is an art practiced by few, and acknowledged by fewer, yet the homes of Dimitrie Gusti Village Museum in Bucharest are a testimony of its everlasting beauty. What stories do they tell us, spanning centuries? Do we pay attention?

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Looking at the Sea

fisherman's boat, umbrellas by the sea @PatFurstenberg

Where do our thoughts escape to?
The wondrous one that sneaks out while we languidly watch the sea change its colors? The pressing ones that run away as soon as our mind got caught in the seagull’s wing. The long forgotten ones that elope us before we even blink the sun away.
Where do they go?

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Symbolism in Silent Heroes, the Story behind it

Symbolism in Silent Heroes,

I still remember attending my first lecture on symbolism, it was in art, not a war book like Silent Heroes, but it told a story. I fell in love. My own studies were as far from literature and art as the moon is from the man who occupies it.

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Haiku-San, I Am Life Haiku

I Am Life, a Sunday Haiku: Haiku-San

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