Survey: Effect of Pets on Immune Systems

Effect of Pets on the Immune Systems

Effect of Pets on Immune Systems is a Life Science project of a grade 12 pupil (my daughter).

Please consider spending five minutes of your time to answer her questions. She needs at least 25 more subjects so if you can pass it on, please do!

No matter what happens in the world, school goes on.

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More info on Effect of Pets on Immune Systems:

Research Question:

Does having a pet, or pets, in the home environment as a baby increase the strength of a high-school student’s immune system?


Pets can supply a constant low-dose exposure to microbes that can induce illnesses and therefore increases the strength of a child’s immune system, thus their immune system as a high-school student is stronger than high-school students who did not have pets in their home as children.


To determine whether or not having pets around as a baby increases a high-school student’s immune system.


“In a journal Pediatrics, researchers concluded that exposure to pet dander and microbes that pets carry inside from outdoors can help better develop babies’ immune systems. The immune systems learn from a young age how to protect the body from common allergens, bacteria and viruses.”

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As a reward, you can find captivating articles about pets – I admit, mostly dogs – on this page of my blog or read a short piece: Pets — Understanding Your Child’s Affinity Towards Animals. But do complete the online survey first 🙂

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Icicle, #Christmas #Haiku via @PatFurstenberg

Icicle, Christmas Haiku

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