Cats and Dogs

Why Is a Cat Not Like a Dog? ~ a poem from a dog’s perspective from the poetry book for animal and nature lovers ‘As Good as Gold‘.

“A cat has a heart-shaped nose above a mouth with piercing teeth,
A cat has paws with soft, pink cushions hiding sharp claws beneath,
A cat has pointy whiskers, to catch running drops of milk
And a tail to play with, a tail that flicks, made of silk.

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As Good as Gold – Why, Hedgehog?

a dog by a stream

“Just over the meadow, just over the hill,
Where the grass is greener and the stream runs slow,
There’s a spot that many walk past and few really know.
Here’s where puppy likes to go and explore.

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Haiku-San, St. Bernard Dog Haiku

St. Bernard Dog, a Sunday Haiku: Haiku-San

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Waiting for Snow, Dog Poetry

Waiting for Snow Image courtesy Unsplash

Waiting for the first snow is an exhilarating moment for humans, so what can dog poetry be all about? Turning that feeling around, looking at life through a dog’s point of view.

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