The Romanian Blouse, IA, its Story, History, and Symbology

The Romanian Blouse, IA, its Story, History, and Symbology

The Romanian blouse, ia, is the fruitful outcome of a millennial history and rich tradition. Woven in codes. Ia, this Romanian embroidered peasant blouse also known as la blouse Roumaine, is the acclaimed symbol of the Romanian nation.

Visual patterns representing an unwritten knowledge and assiduous hand crafting seep like bygone scents in our wireless world. Welcome to the Romanian blouse, ia, a highly visual blog post for a trendy fashion symbol.

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Plants, their Names and Romanian Folktales

plants romanian folklore

Healing plants can have wondrous names proving their millennial use in medicine, household or purely recreational as well as a fertile popular imagination when it comes to the Romanian folktales.

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The Twelve Dreams of Mamer, a Medieval Legend

the 12 dreams of Mamer, Medieval legend

Once upon a time, in a fortress far away, in the lost town of Iriin, an emperor known by the name of Sehachi (some called him Sachaisa) had twelve vivid dreams in one single night. No one in the emperor’s entourage could explain their meaning, until they heard of a great scholar and philosopher named Mamer, who could interpret such dreams. So they invited Mamer to court. He came, for he was wise enough to know that if the emperor himself invites you, then there is great cause and you must go at once.

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My Top Heroes from Romanian Folktales

my top heroes from Romanian folktales

Thinking of the heroes from Romanian folktales, and any tales, they achieve so much more than rescuing the princess or defeating the dragon who endangers an entire kingdom. Heroes give readers hope and hope is the seed of dreams, of adventures and achievements.

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Animals in Romanian Folklore and Mythology

The way in which animals and nature are presented in folklore and mythology can tell us a lot about a nation’s cultural profile. Although in most cultures we encounter the belief that all animals were created / put on earth by a higher divinity to teach humans a lesson and challenge them, animal symbology and legends can vary.

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