Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting for – Large Print, out now

Silent Heroes, Large Print Edition

LARGE PRINT Editions have been around since the early ’60s, gaining more and more supporters over the years:

  • senior citizens;
  • visually impaired readers;
  • younger readers (even in their 40s) who begin to feel the strain of reading normal print;
  • people who complain of digitally strained eyes, such as tech savvy or computer enthusiasts who spends their days using electronic media only to suffer of tired eyes in the evening;
  • sport enthusiasts, especially those who like to read while exercising? A LARGE PRINT text is proved to be more legible while on the move;
  • what is best is that you don’t need a letter from your doctor before buying or borrowing a LARGE PRINT book!
  • being able to recognize letters and words easily aids reading comprehension, thus boosting confidence and the satisfaction of reading.

This LARGE PRINT edition of “Silent Heroes” has 423 pages only (compared to 368 pages in normal paperback) and is printed as a softcover of 6.1 x 1.1 x 9.2 inches or 15.49 x 2.54 x 23.37 cm – far from being gigantic or bulky! The font used for printing is size 16 (compared to 10-12 point of normal print books), in jet-black. And, yes, you get to read the same number of words as in the paperback!

“Silent Heroes: When Love and Values Are Worth Fighting for” edition in LARGE PRINT will therefor make an ideal gift for any war veteran, history fan, historical fiction reader, politics enthusiast, or dog lover.

Compare text from Silent Heroes - print paperback, paperback PDF viewer, Large print PDF viewer
Compare text from Silent Heroes – print paperback, paperback PDF viewer, Large print PDF viewer

How far would you go to save strangers in need? Military Dogs risk their life for their humans in a heartbeat, but can soldiers do the same when personal struggles and global affairs defy humanity? – “Silent Heroes”

Silent Heroes, LARGE PRINT - PDF viewer
Silent Heroes, LARGE PRINT – PDF viewer

Silent Heroes Amazon links: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon France, Amazon Espana, Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan.

What “Silent Heroes” is about: When Taliban raids an Afghan village and discovers that girls can read, a woman accepts the blame to save the community. Her children’s’ lives become intertwined with those of the Marines deployed at a nearby military base. Led by Captain Marcos who conceals, under a cool appearance, his lifelong disability to read human emotions, the solid team of soldiers is faced with the trauma of losing platoon-mates, both human and canine, with PTSD and with becoming estranged from families left behind. When the Marines are instructed to accept a mysterious young Afghan as their guide the humanity of local population they come in contact with raises questions about the necessity of war. It is a race against time, fending off the Taliban lurking at the ancient Qala-e-Bost fortress and defending Bost Airport, a vital strategic point for the allies. But will the outnumbered Marines defend the Taliban cell, find the missing Afghan boy and arrive on time to save the other kidnapped civilians?

Silent Heroes Amazon links: Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon UK, Amazon Deutschland, Amazon France,Amazon Espana, Amazon Italy, Amazon Japan.

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Silent Heroes, Large Print Edition
Silent Heroes, Large Print Edition

Mistletoe, #Christmas #Haiku #Sunday #HaikuSan via @PatFurstenberg

Mistletoe, a Sunday Christmas Haiku: Haiku-San


Hidden in the tree,

White or red pearls with bow tie.

Unexpected guest.


Welcome to Christmas Haiku! This December you can enjoy a winter themed haiku each day until Christmas Day. From the 25th of December I will post a super-special series of haiku on a humorous theme. My Christmas prezzie for YOU! Subscribe to my blog (newsletter sign up on the right column or beneath this post) and never miss a haiku with your morning coffee or favorite cuppa! Merry Christmas!

You can enjoy more haiku on this page of my website or in my new book, Christmas Haiku:

An inspirational collection of winter and Christmas themed haiku to help you relax.Enjoy a daily haiku paired with gorgeous seasonal images as well as haiku for “The 12 Days of Christmas”

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Discover humor, poetry and haiku in As Good AS Gold:

“Haikus at the end were tiny diamonds.” (Kathryn Meyer Griffith, long time author)

“I have a confession to make. I’m not much of a dog lover. I’m more a cat person so I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy As Good As Gold, celebrating dogs. I needn’t have worried. I thoroughly enjoyed this charming collection of verse and as a result of reading it I think I understand dogs so much better.” @Lindahill50Hill, Book Reviewer

As Good As Gold is also available in Large Print, colorful pictures, a dyslexia friendly edition: get it on Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon Espana, Amazon Deutschland.

I chose the name Haiku-San as it derives from Haiku, meaning unusual verse in Japanese (hai=unusual, ku=verse, strophe) and San, the honorific Japanese title when speaking about people. San is also the phonetic transcription of the first syllable of the English word Sunday, Sun-day hence Haiku-San, a Sunday feature on Alluring Creations involving Haiku I write.

Find all my book on Amazon. Enjoy!

Text and Haiku-San © Patricia Furstenberg.

I hope you enjoyed my haiku. Let me know your thoughts in comment below.

Belle Cat, Whiskers on my Mat, 5 STARS Readers Favorite Review #bookreview, #5stars, #BelleCat #cat #story #kidslit

Belle Cat poems

Belle Cat, Whiskers on my Mat, 5 STARS Readers Favorite Review #bookreview, #5stars #cat #story #kidslit

Belle Cat: Whiskers On My Mat by Patricia Furstenberg is the heartwarming story of a human family and a cat. Belle, the tabby cat, was adopted by a family after she was found injured following being hit by a car. Though she was badly injured and the shelter man said she had no chance and would never heal, the family took her home. When Belle reached home, everyone was delighted and they found immense joy in watching her drinking milk, bending graciously over the plate, sitting poised in front of the dish, hearing her soothing purr, and the feel of her silky, warm fur.

This book is definitely a must-read and must-have for all cat lovers and owners. The author makes the verses attractive with adorable and charming photographs of the cat, adding to the aesthetic feel of the book. The images are gorgeous and they make the verses tangible to readers. It is a good book for poetry reading in classrooms as it gives information to children about cats in an engaging way that will make them want to observe cats whenever they see them. There are a lot of facts about cats that readers will learn once they read about Belle. The Fun-tastic Cat Facts at the end of the book and other interesting facts about cats make this book entertaining and fun. Readers, both adults and children, will start observing cats more closely after reading this book.” (Review by Mamta Madhavan for Readers Favorite)

Woohoo! I am thrilled with this review!

You can buy Belle Cat from Amazon, it is available in paperback and eBook (FREE to read with Kindle Unlimited):

Amazon US, Amazon UK, Amazon Canada, Amazon Australia, Amazon India

Readers' Favorite FIVE STARS Book Review
Readers’ Favorite FIVE STARS Book Review