Looking at the Sea

fisherman's boat, umbrellas by the sea @PatFurstenberg

Where do our thoughts escape to?
The wondrous one that sneaks out while we languidly watch the sea change its colors? The pressing ones that run away as soon as our mind got caught in the seagull’s wing. The long forgotten ones that elope us before we even blink the sun away.
Where do they go?
Seek refuge in the seashells? Ride the foam of the waves? Or hide underneath the beach chairs only to come out again at day’s end.
To balance the fading daylight.
To relish into the solitude of the beach.
To hide between their own folk.

Last holiday I let the light slip through my fingers as we strolled along the beach. I took these pictures between 18:17 and 19:43 in Mamaia Holiday Resort, by the Black Sea.

I’ll leave you with the fading light and the sea’s ever changing face – and its secrets.

Travel photography depicting beach umbrellas looking at the sea during a magical sunset:

long shadows beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
straw beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
sunset beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
white beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
pink flamingo, sand castle, beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
striped beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
blue fishermen by the sea @PatFurstenberg
beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
beach umbrella and throne  by the sea @PatFurstenberg
beach umbrella 2 beds by the sea @PatFurstenberg
after sunset beach umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg
wodden swing by the sea @PatFurstenberg
umbrella and windy evening on the beach @PatFurstenberg
net covers umbrella by the sea @PatFurstenberg

Long after sunset the forgotten thoughts, and the escaped ones, plunge into the sea. As they dive right below its surface their sinuous backs from the waves we see at night, thick and sluggish. They dive in and out and, thus, the slow white crests of midnight waves are born.
Sometimes the bathing thoughts forget themselves in their merrymaking and never come out and thus, in the morning, the sea is gray like petrol and the lifeguards raise their red flag, marking a hazardous beach. For they know, they’ve seen it happening, bathers vanishing in those calm, thick waters – although no sea predators were ever spotted.
Except for sea-currents circling underneath. But you and I know; those are the long-forgotten thoughts, looming in waiting.

I hope you enjoyed this blog post on travel photography depicting beach umbrellas looking at the sea during a magical sunset.

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7th Day of Christmas Haiku, #Christmas, #Haiku, #swansaswimming via @PatFurstenberg

7th Day of Christmas Haiku: Seven Swans a Swimming

Plumed water lily

Gliding shyly away. Swan.

Odette, not Odile.


Happy New Year 2019!

Hogmanay is celebrated today in Scotland, with the first stroke of midnight, so Slàinte Mhath!

Catholic Church celebrate Pope Sylvester today – in many Central and Eastern European countries New Year’s Eve is called Silvester.

Swans have been associated with the supernatural world by Egyptians: swan statues have been discovered in royal burial chambers. Egyptians successfully captured many of these birds during their migration and acclimatized them to the weather conditions along the Nile.They must have looked so elegant and graceful gliding with their white bodies over water and singing – more beautiful as they grow older.

Greeks, too, have a mythological story or two involving swans, perhaps the best known and most controversial being that of Leda and the Swan, in which God Zeus took the form of a swan to seduce his beloved Leda, Queen of Sparta – and thus Helen of Troy was born.

King Edward of England took his knighthood vow in Westminster Abbey on 22 May 1306 together with 266 other esquires eligible for knighthood on two swans, ‘The Feast of the Swans“. Apparently the swans had golden and crowns and since then swans have been associated with monarchy.

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Text and Haiku-San © Patricia Furstenberg.

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