Un Rêve d’Hiver, A Winter’s Dream

Enjoy Un Rêve d’Hiver, A Winter’s Dream, my daughter’s poem.

Un Rêve d’HIVER, A Winter's Dream. Train journey in winter
Train Journey in Winter

Un Rêve d’HIVER, A Winter’s Dream

In the distance,

White and brown giants still slumber,

As their aspirations of one day being fearless of the

Bitter Whispers, fill the heavens above them.

Obscure to the titans,

They carry on frisking with the giants’ duvets,

Sending shivers down

The slumbering ones’ spines.

Suddenly, they stop, all looking towards an elfin figure,

As he pulls his sleigh slowly towards a lone tree,

Developing on the mountainside.


The whispers rush back towards their marshmallow homes,

Finally giving the giants

A chance to rest.

© Lysandra Furstenberg, 2016

Snow covered realm Maramures
Snow covered realm Maramures

“Un Rêve d’Hiver” received ‘Highly Commended’ at the 2016 Junior Poetry SACEE (South African Council for English Education) Competition (Creative Writing Competition for High Schools Junior Poetry Category) on the 20th of September 2016.

Lysandra Furstenberg is the recipient of the 2017 Renee Duke Youth Award, a Human Rights-themed Annual poetry contest open to poets aged 17 and younger, honoring Renee Duke, artist, poet, teacher, mentor, human rights advocate.

You can read more of Lysandra’s soulful poetry in her book, Right to Life

Un Rêve d’HIVER, A Winter's Dream Lysandra Furstenberg

22 Replies to “Un Rêve d’Hiver, A Winter’s Dream”

  1. What a beautiful imagination your daughter has! I’ve just browsed her book of poems and I once again regret I can’t write anything on Amazon. I can relate to her second poem… How can she wipe the smile off her face (after you’ve spent the whole day together). I know the feeling. 🙂

      1. Well… let’s say I have the talent to express what I feel. I can’t write poems, but at least I can appreciate them. 🙂

  2. Diamond Hard –

    A Reason is a Reason, a Season is a Season EveryOne; ergo, Reason, Season, LifeTime
    Diamond Hard –


  3. The Giants
    slumber in a dream
    they are waiting
    of the unconsciousness
    in sleep

    the warmth too
    of naked
    under the covers
    Skin opposite

    is no help
    with them in drama
    the soul
    as an extra
    to measure victoriously

  4. It’s about
    with the dream
    getting pregnant

    whether woman or man

    a child
    to new insight
    in our life
    in ourselves
    giving birth

  5. Congratulations to Lysandra and to you, Patricia. A proud mommy indeed. There’s no doubt where the talent came from. It’s a beautiful poem and brings out the beauty of the images. I wish her well and hope she continues to write. Wonderful! 🙂

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