Movie Music Monday, Hanover Street, John Barry, Harrison Ford, Lesley-Anne Down via @PatFurstenberg #HanoverStreet #JohnBarry #HarrisonFord #WW2 #moviemusicmonday

Hanover Street poster-source imdb

Movie Music Monday, “Hanover Street”, music by John Barry, with Harrison Ford and Lesley-Anne Down via @PatFurstenberg #HanoverStreet #WW2 #moviemusicmonday

Hanover Street tells the story of a British nurse (Lesley-Ann Down) during WW2, married to a spy (Christopher Plummer) and falling in love with an American pilot (Harrison Ford). Perhaps this is one of the most fitting movies for a score by John Barry; heartfelt, sensitive and with a dash of melancholy, but also hope, just right for a war movie.

Hanover Street poster-source imdb
Hanover Street poster-source imdb

I guess John Barry’s style, never rushed, preparing the listener for what is to come, goes well with the 40’s war and love movie theme of Hanover Street.

Hanover Street was made almost 40 years ago; Harrison Ford was between shooting Star Wars movies, Lesley-Ann Down before North and South and Christopher Plummer somewhere between Jesus of Nazareth and The Thorn Birds.

Listen below to the main theme and the lovely intro that sets out the characters so well! I wish it was based on a book! Writer and director was Peter Hyams.

Here are some of my favorite quotes. I love British humor.

On English tea:

David Halloran: You people actually drink this stuff?
Margaret Sellinger: No we just like to put it in our cups and stare at it.
David Halloran: Tastes too much like, boiled water.
Margaret Sellinger: It is boiled water.
David Halloran: I knew there was a reason.

On fighting the war against the Germans:

2nd Lt. Jerry Cimino: Hey they’re shooting at us. How come every time we fly over they shoot guns at us?
David Halloran: Because we drop bombs on them.
2nd Lt. Jerry Cimino: They have no sense of humor. Can’t you guys take a joke?

Hanover Street Harrison Ford Christopher Plummer-source imdb
Hanover Street Harrison Ford Christopher Plummer-source imdb

On trying to prove to a French country woman, in the middle of World War Two, that you are actually an American soldier dressed in a German uniform for camouflage:

Paul Sellinger: C’est vrai. Je suis Anglais. Vraiment! Do you think you could give me a hand here? She’s going to kill me, she thinks I’m German.
David Halloran: I wonder why she thinks you’re German? Eh, Betty Grable. Hershey bars. Yankee Stadium. Hello, Joe.

You can’t love a WW2 airplane! Here is The Browning M2 Aircraft heavy machine gun that appears in the film as the primary armament of the B-25 Mitchell bomber flown by Lieutenant David Halloran (Harrison Ford)-source

Hanover Street-The Browning M2 Aircraft heavy machine gun appears in the film as the primary armament of the B-25 Mitchell bomber flown by Lieutenant David Halloran (Harrison Ford)-source

Harrison Fordm in the pilot seat of the B-25 Mitchell bomber. You can see the pilot’s and air-crew’s names written on the plane:

Hanover Street - The Browning M2 is seen mounted in the nose.source
Hanover Street – The Browning M2 machine gun is seen mounted in the nose.source


The North American B-25, first flown in August 1940. It was named after  General William Mitchell (1879-1936), who commanded U.S. air forces in Europe during the First World War.

North American B-25 Mitchell in flight-source aircraft-in-focus
North American B-25 Mitchell in flight-source aircraft-in-focus

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The #MusicMonday meme was created by Drew @ The Tattooed Book Geek. You can pick a song that you really like and share it on Monday. I thoroughly enjoyed this blog feature on Mischenko’s lovely blog, ReadRantRockandroll .

What are your thoughts on Hanover Street? Have you watched it yet? If not, December is a good month to watch a romantic war movie with breathtaking music.

Let me know in comments below.

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