5 Secrets Revealed in Silent Heroes. Taliban’s Secret Lair

I enjoy the excitement, the thrill secrecy puts in a novel. To me, dark mysteries always improve a book’s plot, especially when they add that ultimate twist to the story. And when that bit information is slightly out of reach, the enigma surrounding it is so much more appealing. In my latest book of contemporary fiction, Silent Heroes, I revealed such an obscure enigma: Taliban’s secret lair.

In Silent Heroes I wanted to portray both sides of the War in Afghanistan: the soldiers fighting the battles and the civilians caught in it. The U.S. Marines and their allies, but also the Taliban insurgents.

Taliban’s secret lair – too dangerous to be researched

I revealed Taliban's secret lair in Silent Heroes
I Silent Heroes I reveal Taliban’s secret lair

Somewhere in the Hindu Kush mountainous range of Afghanistan, the Taliban lies in hiding.

‘They are the Taliban warriors and their leader, the man with a scarred face, is Davron. There is a 400 000 U.S. dollars prize on his head. His men are proud to fight under his command. Davron sees himself as a saint, Allah’s chosen one. Once he even forgave a man who tried to assassinate him. Thus, he must be a saint.’

Silent Heroes

There is limited information available regarding Taliban’s lifestyle. Where they hide, how they pass their time, how they connect with each other. Do they have families? Children? Do they have fears, beliefs?

Silent Heroes. I revealed Taliban's secret lair

While researching for Silent Heroes I was lucky to discover such information, to glance behind enemy lines, to see these bearded men without their faces covered, hear them pray together and catch a glimpse at the laughter of their children. But also feel my skin crawl while listening to their banter and reasoning behind their killer war.
In Silent Heroes you will have a chance to meet the Taliban for yourself, face to face.

Dare join me while I reveal Taliban’s secret lair?

In Silent Heroes you can read a detailed description of Taliban’s whereabouts, from their day to day activities to their songs, their prayers and their philosophy of life and war.

revealed Taliban's secret lair

5 STARS Amazon Review:
“Silent Heroes will prompt you to pause and think several times. It serves as a reminder of the ongoing, long-term struggles these people have endured under the Taliban and how lucky many of us are to live our lives as we want. You will feel both pride and sadness as you read about the Marines and the experiences of their teams. But you will also feel joy and hope about the sacrifices that are made for us each day.  Silent Heroes is an incredible novel that I highly recommend. Regardless of your usual preferred genre, this is an excellent read that is realistic, full of well-developed characters, and will stay in your heart and mind long after finishing.” 

You can BUY Silent Heroes from Amazon UK, Amazon US, Amazon Australia, Amazon Canada, or Amazon Worldwide: link here to your preferred Amazon website.

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Two more secrets included in Silent Heroes will be revealed soon. One is unthinkable for a the 21st century lifestyle, the other one heart-warming in its humanity. Subscribe to my newsletter and be sure you won’t miss them!

revealed Taliban’s secret lair

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