Afghanistan, a Dangerous Landscape

Afghanistan dangerous landscape

Much or less is known about Afghanistan and its dangerous landscape. An old Afghan proverb says: ‘There is a path to the top of even the highest mountain.’ Of course there is, and a view to go with it. A history lesson too, I would add.

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Songs that Remind me of Silent Heroes: the Afghan people

songs to remind of Silent Heroes

My latest contemporary fiction, Silent Heroes, looks at the War in Afghanistan from a different perspective: that of the soldiers taking part in it and of the Afghan people caught in it. Because there are always two sides to a story. Part of my research was listening to music. I’ll share with you a few songs that now remind me of the courageous Afghan people.

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5 Secrets Revealed in Silent Heroes. Taliban’s Secret Lair

Taliban's secret lifestyle in their Hindu Kush hiding - too dangerous to be researched or shared

I enjoy the excitement, the thrill secrecy puts in a novel. To me, dark mysteries always improve a book’s plot, especially when they add that ultimate twist to the story. And when that bit information is slightly out of reach, the enigma surrounding it is so much more appealing. In my latest book of contemporary fiction, Silent Heroes, I revealed such an obscure enigma: Taliban’s secret lair.

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