Amber, Autumn’s Dragonfly Moment Captured in a Leaf

It all started with a dragonfly in amber. Dragonfly, the epitome of a perfect moment. Amber, the symbol of courage. The courage to live in the moment, for each moment is perfect. And Autumn captured it for eternity.

amber dragonfly

If sepia is autumn’s way of reminding us that time does flow, amber if a gift. A chance of being immortalized.
Step into the autumn’s amber glow and capture the moment, the best of you. Think of your future self holding this golden instant of what it could have been…

amber autumn

Scented maroons and pure amber unlock the morning horizons. Each day can be a journey of discovery.
The word safari comes from the Arabic safariya, an expedition during which discoveries can be made. Be it a new smell, a new sound or just appreciative silence.

amber Safari from Arabic sfariya

Glorious amber was originally used in English to describe a substance used as spice and in perfumery?
It originated in Arabic anbar.

amber a substance used in spice and perfumery
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  1. Amber leaves an ambiance of memory and joy. And dragonflies – one of my favorite. In my new children’s book there’s a ‘hidden’ dragonfly on every page. Not set in amber, though!
    I tried to comment on your previous excellent post with a list of book titles for Christmas. I’m proud to say I’ve read at least six of your suggestions. Yay! WE Indie authors are amazing. Happy Thanksgiving!

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