Behind the Cave Art of Transylvania, 100 words story

Behind the Cave Art of Transylvania is a 100 words story inspired by the Paleolithic horse cave paintings of Transylvania.

Art is a way of expressing one self, of celebrating an event or slaying one’s demons. Of course, in the cave paintings they created the Neanderthals would have painted their world as they’ve seen it, depicted their dreams and their fears.

But what about the emotions trapped in these cave paintings? Read on.

Behind the Cave Art of Transylvania. Paleolithic horse, hand, warrior, weapon painting in a cave at Cuciulat, Transylvania
Paleolithic horse, hand, warrior, weapon painting in a cave at Cuciulat, Transylvania

Behind the Cave Art of Transylvania

From their overhanging rocky shelter she assessed the river’s dark ribbon, wider, a sign of snow thawing and game returning.

Inside, her pigments were ready, contained in horn vessels. She pointed and named the colors slowly, stalking any reaction on the face of the child who looked without seeing.

It took her a year to gather the shades: terracotta, earth, sunset… midnight. Bear fat and sap to seal the drawing.

Her squirrel hair brush danced on the cave’s wall. A horse came alive, rearing, hunted by a child.

And the boy’s hand-print floating above. In warning.

No more hunting accidents.

© Patricia Furstenberg, 2001, All Rights Reserved.

The seed of this story.

The Paleolithic civilization that developed in the geographical area known today as Transylvania has left numerous cultural vestiges behind, such as the cave paintings depicting horses and found in Cuciulat, near Someș river in Sălaj district.

You can read further on my blog what are the Paleolithic horse paintings of Transylvania telling us about the lifestyle of Neanderthals and you can discover how were the cave paintings done.

I hope you enjoyed my 100 words story about the Cave Art of Transylvania. There will be more to follow, as I plan to travel through history. So…

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9 Replies to “Behind the Cave Art of Transylvania, 100 words story”

  1. Lovely! At first glance I haven’t even seen the human figure on the ground. All I saw were horses scared by a fire. 🙂 The horse is very well drawn, btw. Quite an artist.

  2. Pat, a beautiful story inspired by the rock paintings – they are quite something! I love how you incorporate the hand print as a warning to others … a whole story there!

    1. Hi Annika, thank you!!
      I guess I looked at this rock art like any mom would 🙂
      I plan on expanding and putting together these short stories, so very well spotted! Yes!

    1. Thank you so much, Jacqui.

      Happy to live during our modern times, such as they are. Counting my blessings, coffee being one of them 😉

  3. The drawing of that horse is so lifelike with shading and contour compared to the human figures. It’s beautiful and the difference is intriguing. Lovely story, Pat, that brings the artist to life too.

  4. Isn’t it, Diane?
    There is something there, in the artist’s preference towards the horse, and not his peers.

    Thank you so much for your kind words and for taking the time to stop by 🙂

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