Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch

Seeing from afar, carnelian (or cornelain) leaves are Autumn’s attempt at making… butterscotch.

Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch

Borrowing the fleshy shades of pumpkins and the brownish-red of quartz, Autumn created carnelian.
But it wasn’t until the sun set her leaves ablaze with his cinnamon rays, that the magic happened.

Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch

And I let my bitter memories fall at my feet, between the carnelian leaves.

Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch

The bark of the pine tree is warm under my hands; I don’t mind it’s harsh feel. My fingers dig into its crevices, searching for centuries old secrets. And the same scent, sharp, sweet, and refreshing that welcomed him centuries ago, speaks to me now.

Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch
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6 Replies to “Carnelian Autumn and Butterscotch”

  1. This is lovely, Pat. So poetic. Carnelian is native to my part of the world and the color is the perfect choice to capture autumn’s leaves when the light shines through. Glorious pictures.

    1. Thank you, Diane. I thought so to, especially on a wet autumn’s day. Leaves have more body then, I think. As if they see it as a last chance to absorb some of the life-giving rain.

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