The New Year in Romania and the Bear, Unveiling Magical Rites

bear and travelers, fable about friends

As the world transits from the old to the new year I am remembered of the bear and its rejuvenation and of some lesser-known magical rites from Romania. Much like nutrients enrich the soil before the sun even warms the earth in spring, awakening beings from slumber, the hibernating bear symbolizing life in delicate equilibrium.

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Vampire History You Never Knew of, a Comprehensive Journey

spooky shadow night passage Sibiu comprehensive journey vampire history

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that in the process he does not become a monster.”

Friedrich Nietzsche

The eternal enigma of vampires lingers in the realm of night. Enigmatic creatures, known for their mysterious nocturnal journeys in pursuit of the life-giving crimson essence, yearn for the vitality they’ve forfeited, thereby weaving a tapestry of legends across history.

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Knock-Knock, Opening a Door on ‘Touch Wood’

Sibiu wooden doors, Christmas doors

Knock-knock,’ I chuckle to myself as I knock on the wooden closet, ‘the work on my next book is going so well, touch the wood!’ And ‘mum’s the word!’ ~ Am I being irrational by succumbing to a positive superstitious belief? Or do I actually improve my performance in a subsequent task by engaging in such credulous thoughts and behaviors? Never mind keeping to a rigorous writing schedule! It feels magical, so it’s got to be, right? 😉

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