On Dirty Dancing, The Singing Butler & Writing, Guest Post for ‘Swirl and Thread’

It was a chat about a certain painting that led to ‘On Dirty Dancing, The Singing Butler and Writing‘ Guest Post I had the pleasure of writing for lovely Mairéad blogging at ‘Swirl and Thread.’

I have great admiration for Mairéad, both as a blogger and as a mother. So writing this piece for her, coming from the heart, was special.

It is a timeless subject, and I invite you to go over and read it. I talk about music, art and, you guessed it, writing. But mostly about dancing. So put on your dancing shoes and go see what everyone is talking about.

“Today it is with great pleasure to welcome back writer Patricia Furstenberg with a gorgeous post about how writing has helped her to discover her inner dance. Patricia and myself, through coincidence, discovered recently that we both share a passion for a particular painting thus inspiring her to write this piece. I really hope you enjoy.” Read on.