Magic Verse for the Wolf Moon, January’s Full Moon

In the frosty embrace of January the full moon, “Wolf Moon,” rises to cast its celestial glow over earth. A crescent of lunar radiance illuminates the landscape, creating an eerie atmosphere that shapes and captures the human spirit.

Throughout history, the moon has served as an irresistible inspiration, guiding the ebb and flow of ancient calendars. Its earth-shine and ethereal illumination have inspired daydreams, fueled fantasies, and caused humanity to gaze up in awe. The moonbeam, like a silent sky lantern, continues to cast an ominous yet enchanting spell transforming the night into a mystical realm of lunar serenity and harmony.

As the natural satellite gracefully orbits, man continues to stargaze and fantasize, seeking elusive solace in the eternal dance between the earth and the moon.

full moon behind parting clouds

Magic Verse for the Wolf Moon

And the leaves still whisper,
as they turn and twist
about to get settled for a night of dreams,
how the lone wolf howled one night,
his call so lonely, piercing the sky
like an arrow lost in its aim.

The call, rising pain, hollowed despair.

Leaves sigh, billows drop and roll
and roll from the cloudless sky.
Leaves tell further how it went.

They say: Lady Moon stepped out on her terrace,
peered over forests covered in dreams
filled with love, crisp and cold,
all serene,
but for that one howl
still slashing the velvety night.
So she asked, softly—
how else, she was kind-
she asked what was wrong.

The wolf,
whose voice was like gravel and sand,
hoarse with calling,
pained in the heart,
bowed his head.

‘Forgive this one father,’ he wept,
‘my cub is lost
he’ll freeze till the morn’.”

Even Lady Moon shivered
as the night closed in,
darker, thicker
with January chill
and with shadows
that peeped, and grabbed, and held,
never letting go.

Oh, she knew them well, Lady Moon she did.
The signs of rime, of winter lost.
So magic she made.
Brighter she shone. Fuller and rounder,
as big as her heart.
All to help the cub find his path back home.
Away from danger.
Away from frost.
And he did.
And wolves tanked her. In song.
As they do, ever since.

Yes, the full moon still shines
For cubs, being cubs, still get lost,
Still need to find their way home.
But don’t we all?

Copyright © Patricia Furstenberg. All Rights Reserved.

wolf and cub

But Why Is it Called the Wolf Moon?

The Wolf Moon is thought to have gotten its name from the fact that wolves were more likely to be heard howling during the month of January. It was once thought that wolves howled due to hunger during the winter.
We now know that they howl for a variety of reasons. Wolves are increasingly vocal during their breeding season that can coincide with the full moon. By lifting their muzzles towards the sky they project their howl to further distances.
Howling and other wolf vocalizations are used to mark territory, find pack members, strengthen social bonds, and coordinate hunting.

When will the Full Moon, Wolf Moon peak?

The wolf moon will peak on Thursday, January 25, 2024, at 12:54 p.m. ET, 9:54 a.m. PT. / 19:54 in South Africa (GMT + 2).

10 Replies to “Magic Verse for the Wolf Moon, January’s Full Moon”

  1. That is a very beautiful poem for the Wolf Moon and interesting information about the wolf. Our late Japanese Shin Ryu loved to howl. He did it every time we came home and he was waiting for us. He looked like he was singing at the opera. We praised him for it, which is probably why he did it all the time.

  2. Beautiful poem, Patricia. It tells a wonderful and moving story. Quite coincidentally, when I left work this evening the first thing I noticed was a big, round full moon very low on the horizon, still with some daylight in the sky and I was mesmerized by the beautiful sight.

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