An Ancient Door, Corvin Castle, Romania #Im4Ro

The visit to the ancient door of Corvin Castle or Hunedoara Castle in Romania takes us through a short history of knocking on doors and a look at some magnificent coat of arms.

Exploring Romania, Top Medieval Movie Locations, Corvin Castle #Im4Ro

Exploring Romania and Corvin Castle, the largest medieval fortress in Transylvania, Top Movie Location of Dragonheart, Battle for the Heartfire.

Vagabondul, Poveste in O Suta de Cuvinte, The Wanderer, 100-Word Story

A bilingual story in 100 words, adapted from English into Romanian – ***** o poveste in exact 100 de cuvinte.

Dreamland, Banat, Crisana, Maramures, Transylvania, Folklore History

“Dreamland, Banat, Crisana, Maramures, Transylvania, 100-WORD STORIES, Folklore and History” by Patricia Furstenberg is the second book in the book series “Romania in 100-WORD STORIES, Folklore and History”. Dreamland, the western territory of Romania, a paradise dreamed of by empires; a fairyland protected by its hearty folk; and centuries-long safe haven to hopeful emigrants. Dreamland, …

Lurid, Autumn’s Gold

Lurid can symbolize the translucent shade of autumn leaves, its gold, but it can also fade into a dying pale-yellow.

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