The Secret of the Easter Bunny and Other Beautiful Paschal Symbols

Easter in Romania, Scents, Sights, Sounds

Although I am a Christian Orthodox I’ve always wondered why there is an Easter Bunny, what’s its secret, what story brought the hare among the other beautiful and meaningful Paschal symbols such as the Easter Eggs, the lamb, or the lily flower.

This year Orthodox Easter will be celebrated on Sunday, May the 5th and I look forward to coloring Easter eggs with their ancient symbology (this year we’ll try all natural dyes), cooking delicious Romanian lamb-terrine called drob, assisting my husband in baking delicious cozonac, and mostly celebrating the holy fire of Easter, in my heart. There was no Easter Bunny when I grew up in Romania.

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7 Books That Make Great Reads at Easter Time

medieval woman engrossed in reading a thick book

Discover new reads among these 7 books that make great choices for an Easter time hunt. The books listed here, novels and non-fiction, thrillers and short stories, offer different perspectives on the themes of redemption, faith, forgiveness, or traditional values. They also address cultural heritage and love, that are central to the Easter holiday.

I hope you will discover one, if not more books that will prove a great read at Easter time and that will provide you with a meaningful and thought-provoking way to reflect on the significance of the season, and to feel renewed by exploring, perhaps, novel yet still deeper themes and ideas.

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