Dacian Horses of Bronze Age #Im4Ro

Dacian Horses of Bronze Age is part of the 100 words story series and is a tale inspired by the taming of the first free horses that roamed Transylvania’s lands, in Romania.

Discover more about the Dacian horses at the end of this narrative, as well as some horse-related folklore from Romania.

Dacian Horses of Bronze Age

Stories of white shadows chasing soundlessly over the land at first light were as old as hills.

Tales, never witnesses.

The morning they cut the lad’s way, the boy herding the villager’s sheep didn’t scare. He stood and stared, apple balanced mid-air. Fragrant steam and the scent of baked bread enveloped him. Then, whoosh, gone! And so was his fruit.

“‘tis true…”

“Revealed to a pure heart…”

“Bah! Believe it when I see it,” folk rumbled.

“I’ll bring one. For one night,” the child defended.

Sniggers all around.

Thus, first horse was caught. It turned to ghost by dawn.


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Dacian Horses of Bronze Age
Dacian Horses of Bronze Age

What sparked this story

The domestication of horses during Bronze Age Transylvania is of great importance as it could have taken place even before the first known evidence of equine domestication in Europe, the Sintashta-Petrovka graves (approx. 2 800- 1 600 BC).

It is true that the horse husbandry of Transylvania is not as old as the Yamnaya culture from Asia dating back to the Late Copper Age, and that it might have arrived here via immigration and transhumance. Yet this first domestication of horses in Transylvania by the Bronze Age pastorals speaks of a settled and developed population.

Equine superstitions from Romanian folklore

In Romanian folklore it is said that if one sees a white horse on Epiphany Day, the 6th of January, one will have good luck all year.

If a white horse walks in front of a maiden, it is a sure sign that she will be married that year.

If you dream of horses that trot or canter, the next day will be a windy. But if s horse snorts, rain is coming.

If a horse paws in a spot, know that it tells you of something unholy located underneath.


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19 Replies to “Dacian Horses of Bronze Age #Im4Ro”

  1. I have two days to find a white horse. 🙂 In any case, I’m glad we, the Romanians, were first at something… horse husbandry that is. Good for us!

      1. 😀 So the Internet fixes everything. I haven’t seen that one coming. Thank you for a good laugh.

  2. Happy New Year, Patricia! Thank you for empowering my knowledgebase with this great horse story. Why i had not read this with Epiphany before? I would have had looked out for a white horse. 🙂 OK, not here in the ruraliest rurality. Have a beautiful weekend! Michael

    1. A Happy and Blessed New Year to you too, Michael 🙂

      I think we all feel the need of an extra dram of good luck this year. I would have liked to see a white horse too, on Epiphany day.

      With great pleasure, and kind thanks for your visit.

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