Lurid, Autumn’s Gold

Lurid can symbolize the translucent shade of autumn leaves, its gold, but it can also fade into a dying pale-yellow.

Read Short Stories and Haiku by Patricia Furstenberg

Now you can read my short stories and haiku on my blog! My present for you. Read my Short Stories online Oratea Fortress, Echoes of the 13th Century, 100-Word Story Corvin Castle, Window Slits and Telling Rocks, 100-Word Story Kinda Old, Corvin Castle and a Story Silent Sunday, Light and Shadows on the Beach The …

Enchanting Solomonars, Romanian Cloud-Chaser Sorcerers

Enchanting Solomonars, Romanian cloud-chaser sorcerers, are hail-gatherers or rain chasers, cloud-walkers and dragon-riders. Read their story

Travel to Romania through Books

Travel to Romania through enticing stories inspired by its riveting history, rich folklore, and my extensive travels-as a native Romanian and an armchair historian. Travel to Romania with Transylvania’s History A to Z in 100-word Stories Transylvania’s unspoiled natural beauty, its tumultuous history, and the people who created it are depicted in this book: BUY …

Travel Through Doors, Best of 2020

Travel Through Doors, discover the best doors as seen in my 2020 Thursday Doors blog posts: Brasov, Sighisoara, Corvin & Bran Castle and more