Pup ‘s Second Breakfast Humorous Poem #AsGoodAsGold

Pup ‘s Second Breakfast, a humorous poem from my poetry book ‘As Good As Gold.’

Pup 's Second Breakfast Humorous Poem. Dogs have feelings too.
Pup ‘s Second Breakfast Humorous Poem. Dogs have feelings too.

~A humorous poem  for pet lovers and not only! Read more poetry in my new book As Good As Gold~

I tiptoe in the morning around the room,

Get ready for the day as quiet as a plume;

Since at my feet, hidden quite deep

That only his nose peeps

Snores pup.

Under my duvet asleep.

He’s quite a puzzle, my puppy is

For he can hear,  from his deep sleep

As breakfast food touches his bowl.

And in a second he’s at the door.

He yawns.

And then he eats!

My coffes’s ready, wait for my toast,

Pick up the paper. Puppy? engrossed

In his own breakfast, yet now and again

He comes to touch base.

A good intend.

Polite! I’m proud of pup!

My toast is done!  It jumped right up

Just as pup ate his very last bite

And shook his head then quenched his thirst.

I’m ready to bite. Puppy? transposed.

I glance at him, he looks away.

I sigh. Only his nose moves.

Ready to eat I am. Again. When something drips.

The tap?  The rain? The bag of trix

Right by my feet? With big, round belly

And eyes so soft especially

As I hand him a piece

Of toast. And now, I eat in peace.

P.S. Pup ate half a toast.

Between the toast and pup I love pup most


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