Pure at Heart on Story Radio, Listen Now

You can now listen to my short story Pure at Heart on the Story Radio Podcast, UK.

Read by my daughter, Lysandra Furstenberg. 🙂
The story was produced by Tabitha Potts.

When word of a mystical creature spreads around the village, all stay away from the woods. All, but a young girl. Will she be able to fulfill the prophecy and set the mysterious creature, friend or witch, free? Or will she fall under its spell too?


You can also read Pure at Heart, a short story weaving folklore and history, on my blog. The story was first published online on Spillwords Press.

13 Replies to “Pure at Heart on Story Radio, Listen Now”

  1. Because of my untrained ear it was easier to listen and read at the same time. It was a nice touch to ask your daughter to read the story since the main character is a daughter. Well done!

  2. I would have done the same, Jo. I believe that your training asks for the written version as well.
    Glad you spotted it. That was the reason for choosing my daughter to read the story.
    Thank you for visiting and listening.

  3. Thanks for the link to the text version, Patricia. It is a compelling tale well told, cannot imagine getting out to stumble around the woods in the dark.

  4. Michael, thank you for your kind support.
    I wouldn’t go out in the dark either, maybe that’s why my character did.
    Just the other day I watched a short live feed from Brasov, Transylvania. A young woman and her Saint Bernard enjoyed an evening stroll. Stone-paved road amongst old houses. Plenty of street lighting too. Then her dog, on leash, leaped forward and startedrunning. It took her a few seconds to realize that a bear cub was following them.

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