Dualism, a Square in Travel Photography

Zlatari Church, square photo

Dualism, a Square in Travel Photography: iconic Zlatari Church on Calea Victoriei, Bucharest, reflected in the glass walls of a futuristic cube building.

In a snapshot, dualism means recognizing and understanding the opposition’s point of view. It is choosing to look and see beyond the relative conceptions of good or evil, the universal opposites. Dualism attempts to restore balance, to seek the normal in an abnormal world.

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Looking UP: Unique Street Lamps from Bucharest, Romania

A Farola fernandina design lamp post from Bucharest against a blue sky

This past holiday I chose to look up, towards the sun, the sky and the buildings’ roofs and I discovered unique street lamps in Bucharest, Romania. I discovered some surprising sights that put a smile on my face and sparked my writer’s brain (or so I liked to imagine).

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