Talking to Andreea Archip from Libertatea, Romania, “cu drag”

Patricia Furstenberg talking to the talented Andreea Archip from Libertatea, one of Romania’s leading newspapers: it was a rewarding exercise of the mind and the heart.

Andreea and I had a Zoom meeting that flew by while chatting about writing, war, women writing about war, love and Romania, “cu drag, pe romaneste” (heartfelt, in Romanian). You can read her amazing article here.

With big thanks to Andreea, without whom this experience would not have been possible.

Patricia Furstenberg talking to Andreea Archip from Libertatea, Romani

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4 Replies to “Talking to Andreea Archip from Libertatea, Romania, “cu drag””

  1. A wonderful interview, Patrica. Loved reading more about your past, your experiences and your opinions. The weather in the Southern Hemisphere can be so confusing. Haha! Keep writing, answering more questions, and inspiring. 🙂

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