Life as a Journey, October Squares

We imagine our life as a continuous journey.

We picture ourselves following a sinuous track, using various means of transport. Some travel as solitary cyclists, others prefer the train, with friends and family alongside. Few journey by foot. Most of us accustomed to accept fellow travelers as partners or companions in our journey.

We travel wrapped up in an image of ourselves; we carry with us experiences and memories as luggage. Some light, some overwhelming. Dull or brightly colored.

But maybe we should see ourselves as places, locations, as fixed points on a chart. Infinitely stable. Each a world of its own. Mine and yours, then ours; his or hers. Joined by roads on which dreams, plans and worries travel from one such universe to the next. While we exchange impressions about our experiences in an attempt to understand others, but mostly to understand ourselves.

What if life, as a journey, is about figuring out ourselves?

Life Journey October Squares

Life as a Journey, our imagination kindled, as a contribution to Becky’s October Squares #KindaSquare

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14 Replies to “Life as a Journey, October Squares”

  1. Ooh I like this, really like it, and really needed to see a different perspective after some bad news this afternoon. Thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking #kindasquare

    1. Hugs, Becky.
      I am glad my post helped a bit.
      You have chosen some incredible themes for your October Squares 🙂

  2. I think we are conditioned from early childhood to follow a certain belief perspective on how life should go. Those who step out of the ‘box’ are seen as rebels, never do wells, or simply weird. So unfortunate, but then again, who cares what people think? Life is short and the ones who do the best are those who stop over the ‘velvet rope’ get out of the line up and trek out on their own. Great post, Pat!

  3. Well said, Mark.
    I guess Indie authors are such rebels – in their field of work 🙂 ?
    Thank you for a great comment. Keep well!

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