Pink Moon and Coronavirus Pandemic

Looking at the Pink Moon during the wee hours of another day under the lockdown of Coronavirus Pandemic 2020 I wrote these two poems. I hope you will enjoy them.

Pink Moon under the Coronavirus Pandemic

She watched the world
Through a veil of clouds.
Why are you so big?
Why are you so bright?

Asked the child.
Why, for all to come out.

Under the shield of the night
They looked up
From their windows and porches
And the roofs of their homes.
And they smiled
And they sighed.

For, once in a pink moon,
All was all right with the world.

Pink Moon and Coronavirus Pandemic
Pink Moon under the Coronavirus Pandemic

A Sonnet to the Moon

She called my name, the moon, she called it loud
And from my dreams I rose and watched the cloud
She pulled around her shoulders t’fight the chill,
Of wind? Night’s spells? Bad dreams or owl’s shrill?

Come out, she called. Do see me now, be mine,
The world we’ll share, the sky’s for us to own.
I’ve ‘dorned my bridal gown of silk so fine,
Come, from celestal heights we’ll share my throne.

The earth is by my feet, the world loves me,
With one sole glance of mine, one smile, a wink
I shift their oceans, spirits, birds and trees.
Come by my side. Your heat, my powers, think!

I smiled at her cold passion! Her karma.
Dreams pour from my quill on terra firma.

Sonnet to the moon,  Pink Moon and Coronavirus Pandemic

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These pictures were taken with my cell phone’s camera. Will post more later from my daughter’s real camera *smile*.

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